#098: Was Muhammad Evil? [Podcast]

The Life, Ethics, and Teachings of the Founder of Islam

Who was Muhammad? What was his childhood like? When did he begin claiming to be a prophet? What did he teach about war and sex? Find out in this week’s show by clicking the play button below:


#098: Was Muhammad Evil? [Podcast]

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  • Proverb of the Week: Prov. 29:10
  • Featured Segment: Is Muhammad Evil?
  • Tip of the Week: External Monitor for eyesight and work posture
  • Announcements:
  • Latin Word of the Week: saraceni from the Greek Sarakenoi

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  • Guest

    Dr. Marshall, what if someone points out that St. Augustine prior to his conversion had been arranged to marry a young girl (I forget the age). What if someone attempts to explain it away as part of the time period/culture of that era?

    • Stephanie

      How young was the “girl”? Was she prepubescent or had she reached maturity? Also, when were they to marry or consummate their marriage? Sometimes marriages would be arranged for babies (think of royalty) but they didn’t hold the wedding or consummate the marriage until the baby reached maturity. And just because someone was betrothed doesn’t mean they’d actually end up getting married. Even today, engagements are called off all the time. And back then, when there was such a long engagement period, there was an even greater chance of it being called off before the marriage took place (maybe the king wanted an alliance with a different country so he’d call off the engagement between one country and then announce his child’s betrothal to the new person).

      Eight or nine years old (Muhammad’s “wife” age) is simply too young. Even if by some unlikely chance her body had reached maturity, she is physically much smaller than a grown woman. She doesn’t even look like a woman yet. Also, if she did get pregnant, she would almost certainly die in childbirth and the baby would die inside of her, because her body is physically too small to bear a child. “Marrying” a child that age is nothing short of child abuse.

      • Alicia Summers

        Muhamamd married Aisha at age six…”tighted” her and fully penetrated her at age nine.

    • I read St. Augustine’s Confessions. I do not recall this statement about being engaged to a child. He definitely had a child out of wedlock and this was in was in his late 20s. The mother was his long-time girlfriend and she was not a child.

      More importantly, St. Augustine did not claim to be a prophet. So I don’t see why someone would compare him to Muhammed

  • Gator

    Dr. Marshall,
    Please help me understand the slaughter of people in the old Testament by Israel in the promised land as instructed by God. Specifically, how is this different than Muhammad and his behavior?
    Should we interpret this as, Judaism was just as bad and received false warring prophecies until Jesus arrived? Or what is going on?

    • Taylor D Barrett

      Hey Gator, the Old Testament records the history of God and Ancient Israel. The commands that God gave Israel were temporary, applied only to a specific people in a specific time, and were well justified. The Bible says that the nations that Israel destroyed were worshiping demons and even sacrificing their children to the devil. These were extremely evil people and it was necessary for Israel to wipe them out in order to establish a holy community until Christ could come. Remember, Christ fulfilled the Old Covenant and all Old Covenant laws. Old Covenant laws are not applicable to Christians. Christians are only obliged to follow the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles. As you know – Jesus and His Apostles were peaceful martyrs who willing offered up their lives as sacrifice to God.

    • ADAM


  • Aidan Reid

    Thank you for the podcast on Islam. Shocking and informative. I want to look further into it. Could you please provide the references to your research into Muhammed’s life? I hope to have some dialogues over this – and I know people will ask for evidence of these claims. Thank you.

  • Alicia Summers

    Allah is described as “The Great Deceiver” in the Quran. That to any theologian is Satan, “The Father of Lies”.

  • Beatriz Stapleton

    Wow! I think this is what people really need to know right now! Thank you, Dr. Marshall for being so “salty” and for sharing your “salt” with us!

  • WhyDoYouCare

    Even Aisha, Mohammed’s child bride, knew Mohammed was a false prophet.

  • ADAM

    (CAIRO) – An important key to understanding the crusading spirit of Islam is first to ask the question: who were the first “Muslims”? The answer according to many historians of religion? Probably the followers of one of the Judeo-Christian heresies which appeared after Pentecost known as “Nazarenes” or “Ebionites” . Early in the 5th century, Saint Jerome mentions this
    Christian heresy in his correspondence with Augustine claiming that these “Ebionites…want to be Jews and Christians, but they are neither one nor the other. ”

    Desiring to be Jewish because carefully keeping the Jewish traditions, they were not, however, because they accepted Jesus as Messiah, rejected by the Jews. On the other hand, desiring to be Christians, because they recognized Jesus as Messiah, they were not, because they rejected his divinity and saw him as a prophet. Official Judaism having rejected Christian revelation could obviously not recognize any group claiming in any way Jesus as
    Messiah, nor his prophetic ministry. We can already see soon after the Resurrection how the first Jews who became Christians, called Nazarenes in Acts 24:5, were rejected and persecuted by their fellow Jews.

    The Acts of the Apostles are filled with such examples as the Apostle Paul himself, persecutor of Christians (Saul) before his conversion, who in turn had to undergo many persecutions, including stoning from his coreligionists. Until today, Judaism consistently rejects any group linked to Jesus, even if it scrupulously follows all the Jewish traditions and laws.

    The Ebionites were rejected by both Jews and Christians: by Jews, because they recognized Jesus as Messiah, and by Christians, because they refused to recognize his divinity. Experiencing this double rejection, this group then created its own identity in opposition to the same people who rejected it.

    From the first centuries of the Christian era in fact, many Judeo-Christian sects emerged,
    dividing into two major trends: the spiritualist trend, called “gnostic”, and the conquering tendency, called “messianic”. The first included heresies marked by a spiritual ideology, i.e. essentially seeking God through spirituality, although distorted, and for many, impregnated with false concepts from gnosis.

    The second were heresies marked by a conquering ideology, i.e. essentially seeking to establish the “kingdom of God” on earth by force, even anticipating the return of the Messiah by violent warfare, not unlike the establishment of the Jewish State in 1948. Many historians of religion agree that Islam is derived from one of these warring groups of the messianic trend to which the Ebionite sect belonged.