#046: The Secret Life of Thomas Aquinas [Podcast]

My goal this week is to introduce you to the “secret” life of Saint Thomas Aquinas. It’s not really a secret if you know where to look. However, Thomas Aquinas is one of the better known saints, but few people know anything about his life.

Aquinas Cropped 470 wide

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  • Proverb of the week: Prov 27:5
  • Featured Segment: The Secret Life of Thomas Aquinas
  • Announcements:
    • Pilgrimage with Taylor to the Holy Land! Feb 1-11, 2015 renewal baptismal vows at Jordan River renewal marriage vows at Cana Bethleham, Nazareth, Galilee, Jersusalem, Mount of Olives, Golgatha, Holy Sepulchre Reserve your spot now by going to: pilgrimages.com/taylormarshall
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  • Tip of the week: Get an Audio Bible
  • Latin word of the week: Bos, Bovis
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  • Andy

    Dr. Marshall, will it be available in iTunes?

    • Yes it is available on iTunes.

      • Andy

        Thanks. I’m having some trouble accessing it. Not that I’m expecting you to help troubleshoot, but in case anyone else is having the same issue : )

  • Bob

    Isn’t the Truth and Life Audio Bible considered a good one, at least for the New Testament? I haven’t listened to any others.

    • Dan

      I have that one and have listened to it multiple times in traveling and the only dislike about the product is that the CD is not geared to identify the end of the CD so one can switch to the next CD. I’ve caught myself many times so engrossed in the readings that all of a sudden I catch that something is beginning to sound familiar only to notice that the CD started over on the first track. I wished it would end with something like this ends CD one and stop. The only other annoyance I’ve discovered is that it appears in the latter CD’s is they turn on the recording and appear to go away as the speaker sits and you can hear the person poring water or stirring their drink or other coughs in between tracks. That to me is annoying that they didn’t do a better job filtering that unnecessary background noise out of the production.

      • Dan, if your car stereo will read MP3 CDs, you could rip the CD to your computer, then burn the MP3s to an MP3 CD and solve some of your problem. I just use the Truth and Life audio Bible app on my phone or iPad & haven’t had any trouble at all. Like you, I have listened to it many times, especially while traveling.

      • That’s good to know.

  • John Mingo


  • J.C.T.

    Thank you for this great podcast Taylor! I always love learning more about my patron saint. Thank you for all you do. You are truly a prime mover in American Catholicism today!

    P.s., please don’t rap anymore, especially in Latin. 🙁

  • Sean Hudson

    …and faith and reason in contrast to the Interior Life is part of the goal of my studies in the New St. Thomas Institute…as part of my own deeper understanding of what God continues to want of me in life. This audio lecture is an awesome study aid…Thank you so much for now, Dr. Marshall!!

  • My favorite audio version of the Bible is the Truth & Life one. I haven’t bought the CD set but I did buy the app for my iPhone & iPad. This way I can listen to the NT in the car through the auxiliary input & also while I’m going about my shopping or what-have-you.

    I’ve listened to others that have the whole Bible, but none of them were Catholic. And while the reading on them was beautiful (Alexander Scourby on one and James Earl Jones on another), I found that I could not stay awake. I had a version of the Psalms read by Michael York, but his reading was so over-the-top that I couldn’t stop laughing whenever I tried to listen to it. Not quite the effect I was looking for. 😉

  • Darren

    According to Spiritual books by saints, we should avoid the word because the spirit of the world is the same spirit of the devil.