#003: 5 Tools for Deep Daily Prayer Life [Podcast]

Do you have a deep daily prayer life? Your soul is constantly interrupted by cell phones, texts, noise, and Facebook. I want to share five tips that will enable you have a deep time of prayer every day for the rest of your life. Listen to the podcast below to learn more.

In the Q&A, listeners ask whether or not Abraham, Moses, and David were saints and whether we should reverence the Eucharist in Eastern Orthodox parishes. Interesting stuff!

teresa avila

St Teresa of Avila, Master of Prayer

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“5 Tools for Deep Daily Prayer Life”

4 Part Outline of Episode

#003 5 Tools for Deep Daily Prayer Life

1) Proverb of the Week:
Proverbs 26:4-5

2) Tip of the Week: 
It’s the amazing “TOP” principle: turn off the phone.

3) Featured Segment:
5 Tools for Deep Daily Prayer Life

4) Latin Word of the Week:
bona fides

Listener Questions

  1. Michelle asks about whether saints in the Old Testament are really Saints?
  2. Barbara asks about whether we should reverence the Eucharist when passing by Eastern Orthodox parishes.

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