#015: Total Consecration to Mary [Podcast]

Have you every done the Total Consecration to Mary?

Our Lord Jesus Christ came from eternity and entered into time through the Blessed Virgin Mary. He has ordained that we can best know Him in that same order. Mary leads us to Jesus. As Mary herself says in St John’s Gospel, “Do whatever he tells you to do.

Have you ever considered doing the 33 day consecration? If not, then this is the podcast for you.

And not only are we going to talk about consecration, each week in December we’ll introduce an approved Marian apparition or devotion that you may not have heard of.

This week it’s Our Lady of the Seven Veils

Our Lady of the Seven Veils

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“Total Consecration to Mary

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1) Proverb of the Week:
Proverbs 25:17

2) Tip of the Week:
David Allen’s book Getting Things Done:

Apparition of the Week:
This week it’s Our Lady of the Seven Veils

3) Featured Segment:
Total Consecration to Mary

Calendar for Planning the Total Consecration to Mary


Start of
33-day Plan
Marian Feast for 34th Day 34th Day:
9 Jan Apparition of the Immaculate
Virgin Mary at Lourdes
11 Feb
20 Feb*
The Annunciation 25 Mar
13 Jun Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 16 Jul
13 Jul The Assumption 15 Aug
6 Aug Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 8 Sep
13 Aug Our Lady of Sorrows 15 Sep
19 Oct Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 21 Nov
5 Nov Immaculate Conception 8 Dec
9 Nov Our Lady of Guadalupe 12 Dec 

*make an allowance here for a leap year.

4) Latin Word of the Week:

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  • JoeAllen

    Jesus and Mary will rule the New Earth together:

    “Bathsheba went to make her first visit to the new king, her son Solomon, … and King Solomon stood up at his throne to greet her, and then he bowed down to her, and he had a 2nd throne placed at his right hand for her.” (1 Kings 2:18)

  • JoeAllen

    Mary will crown Jesus the King of all creation:

    “Go forth, O daughters of Zion,
    And see King Solomon with the crown
    With which his mother crowned him … .” (Song of Solomon 3:11)

  • Justas399 .

    It boggles the mind when the Scripture no longer guides doctrine or practice.

    • Dear Friend,

      Did you ever ask yourself which came first, Scripture or Tradition? The answer might surprise you.

      John Henry Newman said it best. “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant.”

      Our Lord never commanded anyone of the Twelve to write. The silence of Holy Writ as regards Sola Scriptura is deafening.

      • Justas399 .

        If we take the history route for what happened to Mary after she is mentioned in the New Testament we wait until 377 before her death is mentioned and even that is inconclusive.

        To be deep in Scripture is to cease to be Roman Catholic.

    • Alexander

      Scripture is rich and complex. Often it is downright cryptic. I assure you there is much foundation for Marian devotion in Scripture. Jesus gives Mary and St. John to each other, Revelation praises the woman, Mary at Wedding in Cana, etc…

      Even more, the Old Testament is riddled with prophecies of the glory of the Future Temple, much of which is not fulfilled in the sense of a literal building (Temple is gone). Mary, who housed the Incarnation, takes up much of that prophecy in herself. From this, it is possible to see how even the Old Testament under girds most of the Marian Doctrines.

    • JoeAllen

      Most of the Gospel of Luke was “written” by Mary. Who else experienced the Annunciation and Visitation and the Nativity and the Circumcision and the loss of the 12-year-old Jesus … ???

      Luke lived near John in Galilee when this Gospel of Luke was written. Guess who was living in John’s house at the time? Guess who told John the details about the wedding feast at Cana?

    • Bershawn300

      This is all Scriptural. What are you hearing (did you hear) that was not from Scripture?

  • Gil Michelini

    Taylor, I am going to watch from the sidelines for this one. While Mary’s intercession played a huge part of my journey to the Church, I struggle going any deeper with Mary. I of course believe the dogma concerning Mary but for me, making a consecration makes no sense; why not invest that effort into better understanding the Spirit.
    I am looking forward to learning from you over the next 33 day. God bless!!

  • EJM

    In his prayerbook for children Blessed Edward Poppe (who promoted the total consecration to Mary a lot) writes the following about the consecration to Mary:
    Consecrate yourself totally to her: with everything you are and everything you have.
    Give Mary your body and soul, your works and your merits.
    She will keep them and increase them; she will use them for the greatest glory of God and the greatest welfare of the souls, Isn’t that a great profit?

    Repeat often your consecration with this words: ‘‘O Mary my mediatrix and my mother I give myself
    totally to you with everything I have and with everything I am. Give me to Jesus forever.’’

    Say before every little work: ‘‘Mary, help me’’ or ‘‘Mary, work with me’’ say after every work: ‘‘Dedicate this work to Jesus’’

    POPPE, Edward. ‘Bij den Kindervriend’ geestelijk handboekje voor de kinderen van de E.K.
    3th edition. Published by: AVERBODE Drukkerij der Abdij 1925 p. 317 (BELGIUM)

  • Elaine Phinney Bennett

    I have been thinking about this for awhile and I am going to do it.I will start on January 9.And then to repeat it each year to start it on November the 9th to finish on the feast day of our Lady of Guadalupe.I was born on December the 12th so it is a special day for me.Thank you for the information and encouragement

  • George Rozario

    For past 3 years I have been consecrating to Jesus through Mary: AD JESUM PER
    MARIA; and I have been renewing in annually so as to recharge ”my battery of
    soul’. And I love to do this till I leave this feeble life to eternal life to
    spend in heaven. Honestly speaking, what Dr. says in the podcast that the
    devil prevented him from finishing the consecration, I experienced it on 22 of
    March 2014, and my Consecration Day was on March 25th 2014. I experienced through a close friend of mine. The effect of the consecration is that Mary is pulling me out from mundane thoughts
    daily. I feel the effect of her calling me back to her Son fully, without any
    reservation. My earnest request to all share this web, please just do it, don’t
    worry about the length of days. I am sure when one gives himself to Jesus finding
    it difficult to surrender to Him. I tried this repentance method with the Charismatic group and various
    prayer groups but in vain. But now I feel the song of Hosea, echoing deep in my soul: Come back to me with all your hearts’’. Mary is really working in my soul now. I am certain that MARY