#029: Finding Fellowship like Samwise Gamgee [Podcast]

Do you wish that you had close friends who would inspire you and carry you through difficult times? In this week’s podcast we discuss why we need fellowship and friends (like Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings) to inspire us and carry us along the way.

  • Weekly podcast joke: Father MacGiver gets into a major car wreck
  • Tip of the week: turn off notifications on your phone and computer for the sake of productivity
  • Proverb of the week: Eccles 4:12
  • Featured Segment: Finding Fellowship like Samwise Gamgee
    samwise gamgee
  • Saint of the Week: None
  • Latin word of the week: adhortator

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  • Dr. Marshall (and Joy), I don’t always take the time as I should to tell those people in my life that really encourage me – just how much I appreciate them (Run on sentence, or what??!!) However, today listening to your podcast about LOTR, and friends & encouragers gave me the thump on the head to say “thank you”. Not just a simple, “thanks guys”, but a true, heartfelt, thank you for how much you both give of your time, your family life and basically – your whole life to witnessing, teaching and encouraging others in Our Catholic faith! May Our Lord bless you both and your beautiful children abundantly now and always! Peace of Christ be with you!

    • Thank you Teri. You’ve been such an encouragement to us, too. We love all your notes here and on Facebook. You and Terry Fenwick are so inspirational!

  • John Joseph Augustine Bellino

    Dr Marshall, I am taking philosophy 101 and in class we learned St Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God. The teacher mentioned that St. Thomas Aquinas disagreed with the argument (or would have) but my teacher did not know the Thomistic argument against it. So this is my question for you. Would you expound on why St Thomas would have disagreed? or direct me to Thomas’s writings on the subject.

    Thank you.

    • Great question. We just covered this in the New Saint Thomas Institute (newsaintthomas.com). You can find Saint Thomas talking about this at:

      Summa contra Gentiles, I, 11 and Summa theologiae I, q. 2, a. 2 ad 2.

      Thomas argues that since we cannot know the quiddity of the divine essence, it’s impossible to ontologically prove God’s existence from that idea.

      By the way, this helps us (says Thomas) understand where there are atheists.

      • Camila

        St. Anselm’s ontological proof tries to go from idea to being, and this doesn’t work. It’s the other way around. We don’t know God directly “we cannot know the quiddity of the divine essence” (Dr. Marshall above). We know the world He causes and from observing this world, things in their being we can conclude God’s existence.

  • Thank you Dr. Marshall – my children and I listened to your podcast together and it spurned some great discussions about fellowship and what constitutes a good friend. God bless your ministry!

    • Dr Taylor Marshall

      That’s awesome. Thank you for listening!

  • Victor

    Don’t tell any body Doctor Marshall but I also like “Lord of The Ring” 🙂
    God Bless

  • MPR

    This was an inspiring and encouraging podcast. Thanks for another great episode, Dr. Marshall!
    +God bless

  • Frank

    Hi Dr. Marshall, I just listened to the podcast and wanted to add something. I personally challenge people by saying, “There are 52 weeks in a year. If you approach one person after every Sunday Mass, you will at least get 10 or 20 people who want to develop that fellowship. And if you’re scared then approach people with a friend.” But my goal in fostering fellowship is a little different. I do it to catechize to those people who do not know our faith. (As we all know, very many do not know the faith.) My belief is that if we do what I propose, then we can become a true family, like the example of Protestants. When you grow those friendships, you can catechize, and then people will fall in love with our faith. It’s part of what the New Evangelization is all about. If we do this, I believe anything is possible in the transformation of our Church. I recently saw this quote: Our love for souls must be greater than our fear of rejection. I’ve approached people a lot here in Los Angeles and people are, surprisingly, incredibly nice. All my best friends are people I’ve randomly approached. I’m scared every time I do it, but always seemed to be shocked that people are so nice, though by now, I shouldn’t be. Sorry for this being so long Dr. Marshall.