#005: 3 Strategies for a Marriage that Sings! [Podcast]

Does your marriage sing? Is your marriage full of joy and lead you closer to Christ? If you would like three strategies on how to supernaturalize your marriage, then you’re going to love this week’s podcast episode!

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“3 Strategies for a Marriage that Sings!”

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1) Proverb of the Week:
Proverbs 20:5

2) Tip of the Week: 
Fr Lascance’s book The Young Man’s Guide.

3) Featured Segment:
“3 Strategies for a Marriage that Sings!”

4) Latin Word of the Week:

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  • jeaguilar

    Heads up: Typo in the image. “Strageties”.

    • Sam

      I don’t know if it’s necessary to point out every single one of these. 🙂

  • Sam

    I love Fr. Lasance. I have his daily missal and his “Our Lady Book.”

  • Theresa A Henderson

    Practice the Art of PRE-forgiveness: this means realizing that your spouse is human and will, without a doubt. eventually screw up in a multitude os small ways and also in an occasional Big way, and YOU WILL TOO!
    If you want to be forgiven, practice forgiveness.
    Theresa A. Henderson

  • Camila

    Great podcast Dr.Marshall! I come from a very long line of divorced marriages (like great grand parents, grand parents, parents divorce….) It is incredibly helpful to find couples and families committed to the Church teachings on marriage. So many days I feel like the fish out of the water in today’s world. Thank you for your witness and strategies! We need these in this age and hour.

    • I love to meet people who have been married 50 years. I call them “marathon lovers”!

  • isabel kissinger

    i like the music in your podcast…

  • April Smith

    The Wedding at Cana analogy was eye opening and enlightening. LOVE it. I will never forget it and will be passing it on to everyone I can. Thank you.

  • RockyMarie

    Dr. Taylor I would be interested to hear what you would have to say to help a couple whose marriage is in deep trouble because one of them is a non-believer and very oppose to the others devout life as a Catholic.

    • Dear RockyMarie,

      When a marriage is in a tough place, the tougher it is the more complicated it is.

      There is no way I can presume to speak to this situation without knowing all the details. I would recommend that you seek out a holy priest as a spiritual director and keep praying, “We have no wine.”

  • A G Maxwell

    Your explanation ‘below mission’ of ‘submission’ is educative; to share in a mission, to have the same vision helps you to focus. In marriage there are three persons; it is difficult to sing or dance without Jesus in the center of marriage.

  • jess

    Thank you. i enjoyed listening.

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    I believe your wife gave you the benefit of the doubt when she was stuck in front of the pillar. She let it be, for you.

  • Don Knippel

    My wife and I were happily married for 53 years. (did we have difficult times? Definitely).My wife died almost 4 years ago. In addition to being heartbroken, I also began to realize how much she did to make my life wonderful. I wish I was attentive enough to realize this when she was still with me. I need to explain our difficult times. We had 5 young children when I became severely depressed. My wife went to work to support the family while I wallowed in my depression. After 18 years of this and the children were gone, we separated for a year. She actually wanted a divorce but never went through with it. The separation was enough to take me out of my depression and we got back together. The last 20 years were like when we first got married. She died of cancer. She never complained about it and when her time was near she said she was ready to die. She also said that the only thing that she worried about was leaving me alone. God made for me a most wonderful and loving wife.