#010: How Do Saints Hear Our Prayers? [Podcast]

You lost your keys. You’re late for work. You have a big meeting. The boss is waiting on you. You ask Saint Anthony to help you find your keys…quick! But how does Saint Anthony even hear you from heaven?

Today we look at the theology behind how saints in heaven can see your prayer requests (are enabled by God to help) through their mystical vision of God.

All Saints for Podcast

How do they in heaven, hear you on earth?

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“How Do Saints Hear Our Prayers”

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1) Proverb of the Week:
Proverbs 3:5-6

2) Tip of the Week: 
Making a one year goal and subdividing it into 12 one month goals.

3) Featured Segment:
How Do Saints Hear Our Prayers

4) Latin Word of the Week:
hostia: sacrificial victim

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  • Victor

    Dear Doctor Marshall,
    If I may, I would like to share a little true story with your readers regarding asking Saint Anthony and Saint Jude for items lost.
    When I attended Saint Paul school, in grade seven, my friend and I on occasion, usually on Fridays would run to his grandmother for diner and she always gave us something to eat and then run back to school which was only about a mile or so away. Anyway, one afternoon when we got to his grandmother’s house, there was one of his aunt who was crying because she had just cashed her husbands pay check but had lost it. I can still hear my friends grandmother telling this lady that if she said a prayer to Saint Anthony and Saint Jude and promised to have a Mass said, she would find it. Even though, I had my doubts, this lady seem to have all the faith in the world.
    Longer story short, my friend was a runner so after eating, I started off ahead of him and about a thousand yards or so on the side of the road I saw what appeared to be a small black wallet and so I ran even faster and picked it up first. I would have had no problem hiding it from my friend but instead, I brought it back to his grandmother and the joy in her eyes was worth more that than the quarter she gave me.
    Believe it or not! Saint Anthony and Saint Jude are still bating 900 in my book if you get my drift? 🙂
    Keep Up the good words and works
    A friend of mBelieve it or not, ever since a grand mother friend of mine and God bless their souls and long story short, she had just finished

    • Victor

      Hey! No body is perfect….ignore that last sentence. (lol)

  • Katie

    Dear Dr. Marshall,

    One thing that I struggle with is, why we need to ask Saints for intercessions? If we’re going to find our keys eventually, why do we need to ask St. Anthony to help us? Also, how do we know if it really is their intercession that helped us?

    These questions have clouded my mind for months just because a friend, who doubted the intercession of Saints, told me about his doubt. Thank you!

    • MIke

      No way, a human being cannot understand if two or more are talking at the same time.
      Don’t put them in the same level as GOD who alone is omniscient, omnipresent and all
      Don’t make up stuff that is not in the Bible.

      • Paradox

        I should ask you to listen to the podcast, to refute your first objection.
        As for the second, “Don’t make up stuff that is not in the Bible,” I intend to do research on this, so if I get to that (and remember), I will post my results here.

  • “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If in my name you ask me[a] for anything, I will do it.

    —Jesus of Nazareth

    Do you remember asking Jesus for the BIG stuff when you were a little kid? You asked Jesus to give you three ponies ( a black one, a brown one, and a white one) for Christmas. You asked Jesus to bring back your favorite GI Joe after he washed down the street drain in a storm. When your dog, Tippy, died you asked Jesus to bring him back from the dead. When you heard about all the starving children in the world, you prayed to Jesus to leave an envelope with one million bucks inside on your doorstep the next morning so you could feed all those starving kids.

    So why don’t you ask Jesus for the BIG stuff anymore? He said to ask for anything and he would do it!

    Answer: When we get a little older we realize that Jesus didn’t really mean what he said. What he meant to say was this,

    “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it…if…it is my will to do it. If it isn’t my will, I won’t.”

    So as we get older we stop asking Jesus for the big things, the hard things, because we have learned that Jesus never answers those prayers. Ok, maybe once in a great while Jesus answers a big or hard prayer but it is always something that could have happened by chance anyway, isn’t it? Even really rare things can happen by chance. But Jesus never resurrects Grandpa or Grandma from the dead, no matter how hard we pray, does he? Jesus never reattaches a severed limb from an amputee, does he?

    No, Jesus doesn’t answer those prayers. That is asking Jesus for just a little too much, isn’t it, dear Christian? That is why when you get older you only ask Jesus for the easy stuff: To bless your food. To give you a “nice day”. To keep your kids safe.

    And when it is time to go to bed at night, you get down on your knees by your bed and you ask Jesus to bless everyone in your life; you thank him for having let you and your children live one more day…and then you fall asleep into your pillow…to wake up in the morning…to repeat the same prayer…full of easy requests, so you don’t ask too much of Jesus…who promised to give you anything that you asked for.

    But, maybe you’re not asking Jesus for too much. Maybe the reason Jesus doesn’t answer the big or the hard prayer requests is because Jesus can’t hear you. Jesus can’t hear you…because Jesus is dead.

    Dear Christian: You are an adult now. Just as you stopped believing in imaginary beings called Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, it is time to stop believing in and praying to an ancient man/god who died 2,000 years ago. The “Virgin Birth”, the “Resurrection”, etc., are ancient folk tales. Jesus doesn’t answer your prayer requests any more than Santa and the Tooth Fairy answered your requests to them when you were a kid.

    It’s a silly superstition and nothing more, friend. The fact that Jesus doesn’t answer your “big” prayers is proof.