#048: Brain Science, Your Soul & Prayer [Podcast]

My goal this week is to talk about some of what I’ve been learning about brain science, hormones, mental health, and prayer. In particular, I want you to understand what is happening when in physical brain while you are meditating and praying every day. If you don’t pray every day, this episode will show you why it’s absolutely essential.


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  • Proverb of the week: 19:14
  • Featured Segment: Brain Science, Your Soul & Prayer
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  • Latin word of the week: Cerebrum
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  • Dan

    Excellent…I too have a fascination about this topic. Oh and love the idea about the shorter podcast for items you want to get out here.

  • I enjoyed the podcast, and should mention that I have a post about this, “Are we hard-wired for faith–the religious experience and neuro-imaging”, which focuses on Dr. Andrew Newberg’s pet-scan results; it’s on my blog “Reflections of a Catholic Scientist”. (No explicit link, so I hope this doesn’t get sent to “Comments Purgatory”.

  • Daniela

    Have you tried the EWTN app? They have the whole bible and also an audio version of it.
    I don’t use it or find it that much useful because my birth language is spanish so the bible in english would mean a lot of work, perhaps when i start a english course.
    You mentioned the essays in the podcast of the 12 attributes i think it’s an awesome idea.
    I can’t believe this was a one hour podcast! You really helped me yesterday, i was almost falling into depression and being battling because i haven’t made it up to confession in more than 2 months. The 12 attributes podcast really helped me to pray a little while and to remember myself that God Love’s me no matter what.
    I’ve recently started following you and can’t regret it! Thank you very much!
    God bless you and your biiig lovely family.

  • ADAM

    (CAIRO) – This podcast reminded me of that old Gospel favorite “JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS” (YouTube: IT’S ALRIGHT – Keith Lancaster)

  • Jason

    Thank you for the podcast. I know it must take some time to prepare, but I enjoy, appreciate, and learn a lot from it.

  • Amber Boyt

    what are the audio bibles you recommended again? I loved this podcast!

  • Tim Gannon

    This was a wonderful podcast. I use different musical tones to help me get into the alpha state. ThI has has deepened my meditation or helped my focus. I prefer passage meditation and use the Jesus Prayer to sleep. There is a lot of free alpha and theta wave music available through you tube.

  • Andrew Roland Zeisel

    I really liked the whole podcast! Great to hear a presentation on psychology that doesn’t merely relegate religion to the field of early psychology. It was also great to be reminded about the different neurotransmitters and their effect on one’s world view. They even have an effect on the thyroid!

    I am curious concerning your prayer schedule. When you were an ordained Anglican you must have prayed the Liturgy of the Hours. Do you still?

  • Sean Hudson

    Awesome! Yet another highly informative lecture presentation…speaking of, “still waters running deep”…a deeper mindset…a truly divine “real presence” of the heart, mind, body, and most importantly, thy Soul…speaking of, “Be Salty…absolutely Dr. Marshall!” Praise the Lord!

  • linda eaton

    On theta I would like to share, that if I clearly and completely verbally articulate insight or ideas before opening my eyes, I can recall it much better, otherwise I tend to lose something in the translation.

  • Paradox

    I actually hate it when my phone goes off…