#028: Demons, Snakes, and Ticks: Lessons from a Hunting Trip

I just got back from a hunting trip in south Texas with my father, brother, and brother-in-law. It was a great time, but we had to deal with rattlesnakes and ticks. In this episode I share what I learned and how it relates to our spiritual life in Jesus Christ.

  • Weekly podcast joke: a boy gives a priest $20
  • Tip of the week: saying nice things to people all day
  • Proverb of the week: Prov 24:17-18
  • Featured Segment: Demons, Snakes, and Ticks: Lessons from a Hunting Trip
    snake 1
  • Saint of the Week: Saint Dismas
  • Latin word of the week: dies mali

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  • queensrealm

    I liked your hunting story and the picture with the snake……although I don’t like them….

  • Darren Stass

    The story of St. Dismas was good to know and cleared a lot of questions about the Good Thief and his salvation. In the podcast you mentioned that when St. John the Baptist died he went to limbo, what do you mean? How could his body go there when his head was cut? What about the soul? What is the experience of one’s soul going to limbo like?

    • Saint John the Baptist’s soul went to the Limbo of the Fathers. There are no bodies in Limbo of the Fathers.

  • Victor

    Nice picture Doctor Marshall. I’m sure that your wife would agree with me when I say that it kind of ticks me off! 🙂

  • Charles

    That’s really neat that St. Dismas was an apologetic on his cross, I never thought of that. Since St. Dismas’ feast day is March 25, is that the day Our Lord died?

    • Lisa Ann Homic

      We also celebrate the Annunciation too!

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Great lessons, Taylor Marshall, you know how to make a lesson out of everything. What a blessing and we thank you for sharing your talent. Great points about St. Dismas, even in the midst of an agonizing last hour of life, he put his “faith to work” and evangelized the other thief.