#045: Did Saint Paul Teach Once Saved Always Saved? [Podcast]

My goal this week is to take a look at the Evangelical Protestant teaching “once saved always saved.” Once upon a time when I was an Evangelical, I believed in this teaching. It basically holds that once you have accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you can do nothing to lose it.

Catholic Christians don’t believe this. So today we will look at the key Bible verses related to this teaching. It’s going to be fun!

Saint Paul

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  • Proverb of the week: Prov 17:15
  • Featured Segment: Did Saint Paul Teach Once Saved Always Saved?
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Kill This Dragon-1I have my first Novel coming out this Christmas. It’s currently titled “Kill This Dragon” and it’s a young adult novel about Saint George, Saint Christopher, and Saint Nicholas with some surprise female characters as well.

I can’t reveal too much more know but stay tuned to this podcast for more details about the new novel.

  • Tip of the week: Bible Reading Plan: 3 Chapter Plan Per Day
  • Latin word of the week: Paulus
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  • Mary Martha Pazos

    I really enjoyed your podcast on the question of being saved. You admirably stressed the importance of constancy and commitment as we cherish this great gift which is paid for by Christ’s loving sacrifice. However, I think there is a confusion between works and grace in the Church.

    I was taught by the good sisters that we earn heaven by climbing up the ladder of our good acts, and this is not true. We perform the good actions because we love God and seek to show this love through our behavior. But we reach heaven through the grace of God. And this is probably what Luther was originally protesting before his pride got in the way, because in his day people were paying for salvation by buying indulgences and absolutions. I still hear this being taught in the church.

    I live in Venezuela, and in many parishes they put a price on the sacraments. If you ask, the priest might say that it is a donation, but people don’t make these distinctions. So you hear them ask how much it costs to be be baptized or get married or even to leave a prayer intention. This is a distortion of what should be. Why can’t we educate the parishioners about their responsibility to provide for the Church economically, instead of trying to make up for deficits by putting a price on what is sacred?

    I am not talking about the cost of office paperwork, by the way.

    Thank you for the chance to air this concern.

    Mary Martha Pazos

    • Dear Mary,

      This is very troubling to read. The sacraments should not have a price. This is the mortal sin of simony – paying for grace.

      There can be fees fixed to the administration of the church or the arrangement of a wedding, but it should never be a “something to buy.”

      Pope Francis spoke out against this happening in S America when he was elected Pope. So he knows it’s a problem.

      • Mary Martha Pazos

        Thank you for your answer. Of course, to be a mortal sin a person has to realize that it is a mortal sin and do it anyway, which I do not think is the case here. But it is a most unfortunate situation. Your mention that our wonderful Pope is aware of this brings a great deal of consolation.

  • ADAM

    (CAIRO) – Growing up on Sullivan’s Island near Charleston, South Carolina, I sadly witnessed a number of drownings from the oceanfront porch of our family home. Since my Dad was the only doctor on the island, he was usually the first to be notified, as the coast guard tried to rescue the poor victim. Sometimes they succeeded, sometimes not. As a boy, this left an indelible impression on me.
    Years later, their rescue efforts became a favorite metaphor of mine, illustrating the Catholic (Paul’s) doctrine of salvation, which finally broke the spell on me of the “Once Saved Always Saved” heresy (OSAS), opening up the way for me to begin my search for the Church, at last converting to Catholicism in Jerusalem in 1974. As the coast guard pulled the drowning victim out of the water into the boat, he or she WAS SAVED from drowning, as well as BEING SAVED as the boat headed towards the beach, though not completely, since the victim could still fall back into the water, as sometimes happened. Not until the boat safely reached the shore was the victim FINALLY SAVED,
    (i.e. “WAS SAVED” – past, “BEING SAVED” – present, “FINALLY SAVED” – future).

  • Sean Hudson

    Okay…back to the grafting concept…a slam dunk indeed Dr. Marshall…where very careful, explicit wording of One’s intentions is as always oh, so important, especially when dealing with apologetics often, it seems, much like in some of my other studies, at a retreat I just attended where the priest expressed his great concern over the readily available theological wording of content, and how it later affected people’s interpretations of the subject matter at hand. Essentially, what is one suppose to think sometimes, its seems, where part of it seems to float between the intentions of the grafting of the Gentiles onto the tree of life, but in contrast to how Jacob also became more steadily involved in his own way as well. So important to remember as always…the power of “free will” as well as any iminent ramifications One chooses to take their chances with accordingly; be grafted in or be gone…choose wisely…one level of spiritual accomplishment at at time, speaking of the Beatitudes.

  • Katharine

    I really enjoyed this podcast and appreciate when you stress the importance of doing our part in salvation even if it is hard to hear.

    I would like a list of the scriptures you used here and in other podcasts, might you possibly list them on these previews?

  • avnrulz

    I have found all of these, plus items from Steubenville on YT, very helpful on the days I am ‘stuck at my desk.’