#057: Advent Total Consecration to Mary [Podcast]

For Advent, the team at the New Saint Thomas Institute is putting together a FREE 33 Day Consecration custom made for the Advent season. We are calling it 33Mary and it’s the perfect Advent Devotion for you and you’re family. Every day we will have 33 Saints lead us to Mary who will lead us to Jesus at Christmas. It’s a theological and Christocentric devotion preparing us for Christmas.

In this super short podcast, I explain why you should sign up for this Advent at 33Mary.com and how it works:

33 Mary Advent Total Consecration [Podcast]

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 12.14.44 PM

Please join us this Advent as we entrust our lives, souls, bodies, families, faith, works, joys, and sorrows to Jesus through Mary:

Join thousands of Catholics and sign up at 33Mary.com

PS: We are trying to get thousands to consecrate their lives. Please share 33Mary.com online, through email, word of mouth, and share it on Facebook.

PPS: In episode 15 of our podcast, we discovered how important the 33 Day Consecration to Mary is. I even talked about my experience with evil prior to my consecration. (Listen to this Episode 15: Total Consecration).

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  • mike b

    Are you using the format and material from 33 days to morning glory by Fr Gaitley I hope? I have been wanting to to this for awhile. Glad you are leading this effort!