#080: Taylor’s Catholic Thoughts on Same Sex Marriage [Podcast]

I recorded a long cultural and theological reflection about my thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage, culture, and its relationship to nature and grace through the lens of Saint Thomas Aquinas. It’s robustly Catholic, but without the hate and judgmentalism. Scroll down and click the “Play” button to begin listening:

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This audio program was initially only for the Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute. However, I’m getting so many inquiries on the subject, I’d like to make it available to everyone. I know that the Members of NSTI won’t mind if we share this.

Even more, I’m hearing from so many Catholics who did not hear one word about the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage from the pulpit last Sunday, and they are confused. They want a Catholic perspective. So here goes. This is a crucial topic and if we don’t get marriage right, our children will experience pains in the future.

Brief synopsis of this Podcast on Same Sex Marriage:

Humans can survive on synthetic hormonal contraceptives, in vitro babies, and same-sex parental families. The question we should ask is not, “Can it work?” but “Is this good for humanity over the span of several generations?”

It’s really a question about crafting a human society naturally or synthetically. In the audio version below, we follow an analogy: Do you want to eat GMO veggies and synthetics meats? They will give you calories and energy, but…we all prefer that which is natural. Whole foods lead to a whole life. That which has been cultivated in accord with nature is always better. This same argument applies to raising future generations. Our procreative organs are designed to function naturally for a natural end. Do we want to create the future human society synthetically or in accord with nature? This is our debate surrounding marriage. Love wins only when nature wins – and grace perfects nature. [I also address the ‘Catholic’ objection: “Gay marriage is okay civilly, just not inside the church as a sacrament.”]

Please feel free to listen to my “Catholic thoughts on Same Sex Marriage” and get ready for some natural law without judgmentalism:

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Question: Do you know someone who identifies as homosexual or transgender? Do the principles discussed in the podcast make sense to you? Any questions or comments on things that I did not cover? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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