#023: How to Restart Your Mental Computer [Podcast]

Have you ever clicked your mouse so many times and moved it around with so many programs that the mouse curser on the screen just freaks out and starts bouncing all over the screen?

Sometimes, when I’m impatient with a webpage loading I keep clicking it and then when the computer catches up to speed, the curser goes crazy and starts clicking things that I don’t want to click.

This is how our lives become. We are pushing and clicking so much, that we are frying our minds. Before we know, we are doing things and saying things that we never wanted to do or to say.

In those situations, it’s best to just close down all you programs and restart the computer. Today’s podcast walks us through how we can do just that.

Plus we have:

  1. our first podcast joke
  2. Proverb of the week
  3. Saint of the week: Saint Blaise
  4. Latin word of the week: jocosus


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Proverb of the Week:
Prov 10:12

Tip of the Week:
The featured segment is the tip this week.

Saint of the Week:
Saint Blaise


Latin Word of the Week:

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