#018: A Podcast Against Bitter Catholics! [Podcast]

I’ve been a bitter Catholic, in the past and I don’t want to be one anymore. Are you a “bitter Catholic”? Find out why you might be one and how you can overcome it in this week’s podcast.

I share personal stories and also give some advice for getting closure with 2013 before making goals for 2014.

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1) Proverb of the Week:
Prov 14:10

2) Tip of the Week:
Get closure with last year before you make goals for next year.

3) Featured Segment:
Against Bitter Catholics

4) Latin Word of the Week:

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  • JoeAllen

    I agree with Taylor that HOPE is a neglected issue for Christians. When we are focused on this world, we see a lot of death and corruption and crime and egotism.

    Jesus said that some sins are so serious that they can NOT be forgiven in this Life or in the next Life. So there will be a next Life. Many young people lose HOPE and become BITTER when they realize that they are NOT as attractive or talented as their neighbors in this Life. However, these young people need to focus on the next Life which will follow the Resurrection. In the next Life we will be made perfect in talents and attractiveness. Thank you, Jesus and Mary.

    • Dear JoeAllen,

      We all need hope. Without hope we shrivel up.

      I agree that we need to focus on the next life, but we also need to focus on this life. When someone feels they are not as attractive, talented, rich, or whatever as someone else, they don’t need to just focus on being “pretty in Heaven.” Instead, they can also look in the mirror and say, “This is exactly how God crafted me and He loves me this way. I am precious in His eyes.” That brings a lot peace.

      When we see ourselves in God’s eyes, we can have joy. He says, “You are altogether beautiful.” (Canticles 4:7) If we knew how much God loved us, we would die.

      • JoeAllen

        Thanks for your response, Dr. Marshall. While some saints like Mother Teresa, may be able to see Christ and beauty in every person, and HOPE in this life, many of us are NOT able to do this.

        I’m sorry but I do NOT find grotesquely deformed people to be beautiful. Moreover, I find old people near death to be the victims of a terrible disease called Senescence; a disease invented by Satan who has an insane hatred for us humans.

        Jesus tells us that our only HOPE is in the RESURRECTION. And He demonstrated this for us on Easter Sunday.

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Thanks for this podcast

  • RDGStout

    Dr. Marshall, you’ve talked quite openly about leaving the Episcopal priesthood and entering the Catholic Church. At one point you’d mentioned that you could have pursued the priesthood but of course didn’t have to. In this podcast your relate a period of discouragement over not being able to preside anymore.

    My question, if it’s not too personal, is why you chose not to pursue ordination in the Catholic Church. Obviously you didn’t have to, but I’m curious as to why you chose not to. As always, thank you for your openness and candor.

    • I felt that the calling to be a sacerdotal “Father” in the Catholic Church would conflict with my vocation to be a natural “father” to my growing family.

      Since my vocation to matrimony was prior to any vocation to priesthood, I chose to give myself fully to matrimony.

      There are men called to both. I don’t feel that calling and I’ve prayed a lot about it. It used to be painful to my heart, but now I am at peace with it.

      Don’t you think I’d be a crazy man if I were doing all this, having seven children, AND living the responsibilities of a Catholic priest! I’d be dead or crazy.

      I think Our Lord and Lady have me right where they want me for now.

      • JoeAllen


  • Gil Michelini

    Great insight! I learned that when we become a problem to our enemy, we are going to be attacked. Fran and I have found the best way to retaliate is through laughter in the joy of the Lord and spiritual warfare.

  • Joe Generoso

    Hi Taylor, my name is Joe Generoso from the Philippines. I am many, many years your senior but still active (sorry, very active for my age) in my communnity and a little bit active in my secular work.

    As you can see, I got your letter two months ago and didn’t really bother answering it because I thought you were just one of those who start as a quasi religious preacher and end up selling something. I have encountered some of those.
    I am a cradle Catholic who started serving mass during my high school days and in latin at that then, during college and early on when I started pursuing my career in my chosen field, things started to change. I became enamored of the secular world and my free will started to bend downwards.
    But God is truly good. Before I became a senior, he called me to a vocation. I joined the Third Order of Carmel and was professed in 1997 at the St. Mary of the Lake Church in Lakewood, New Jersey (I stayed in the USA for 11 years during my “broken” life).

    I am now back in the Philippines, comfortably settled with my family with 5 grandchildren and serving the Lord as the National formator for the Third Order of Carmel.

    I would like to answer your three questions in one paragraph. Nothing is holding me back in my faith, in fact I am trying to gain more knowledge by diversifying the books I am reading. Aside from Teresa de Avila, I would like to re learn our Catechism and pore over the scriptures in the context of our Carmelite spirituality, which is being contemplative-active.

    I find practically all your podcasts helpful and my conscience bothers me that I have not even given you any acknowledgment so please allow me to (borrowing your phrase) shout out a big THANK YOU to you. I consider all your podcasts as 5 stars. This is my humble way of appreciating what you are doing. I have been following other well known personalities before you, one of them is your friend also a convert but from the Presbyterian group and the other is a former excellent preacher from EWTN. Your style is unique.

    I will include you and your family in my prayers to give you more graces. By the way I like the way you explained graces in one of your podcasts, though briefly, #064. I plan to play it during our community meetings.

    Thanks again Taylor. See you soon.