#001: How to Find a Spiritual Director [Podcast]

If you were going to go on a dangerous trip or invest a lot of money in something, you would want a guide to help you. Most of us are ready to get a tour guide and a financial advisor, but what about a guide for the most important aspect of your life? You need a spiritual director. But how do you find one?


In this show I share three tips for finding a solid spiritual director for your soul.

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Outline of Episode #001

Proverb of the Week: Proverbs 13:3

Tip of the Week: “Write it Down!”

Here’s the link to the Moleskine notebook that I use and that I highly recommend to you.

I’m offering a free steak dinner at Outback to everyone who tries my advice and finds that it doesn’t work.

Featured Segment: How to Find a Solid Spiritual Director

Listener Questions

  1. Richard Randall asks for advice about a question concerning Sunday Obligation for Mass.
  2. Davis asks about Mary as a supposed “Unwed Mother.” Here’s my previous article on this topic: Joseph and Mary: Were they truly married even though they did not consummate their marriage?
  3. Samuel asks “Why do the books of Esther and Song of Solomon not mention the word ‘God’ if they are inspired by God?” (For an example of the word ‘God’ in the deuterocanonical passage of Esther, see chapter 14.)

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