#016: Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Luke (Plus How to Set Goals) [Podcast]

Do you have a hard time keeping your New Year’s Resolutions? If so, this week’s podcast is just for you.

Plus we look at the Backstory of the Our Lady of Guadalupe – going all the way back to Saint Luke the Evangelist.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

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1) Proverb of the Week:
Prov 13:12

2) Tip of the Week:
Secret to Setting Goals that Stick

3) Featured Segment:
Our Lady of Guadalupe

Recommended book: Paul Badde’s Maria of Guadalupe:

maria guadalupe

4) Latin Word of the Week:

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  • Timothy Black

    Labeled as #16. Was expecting it to be #14

    • Timothy Black

      Please ignore that comment. I have lost my mind.

      • Victor

        Timothy unless you’ve been reading some of my comments in other blogs, trust “ME”, “ME” and “ME”, you have not lost your mind yet. 🙂
        Dr. Marshall, I’ve got some goals and maybe I keep forgetting the key ingredients which might be your “JOY” but then again after listening to your tip of the week again, my goals didn’t always get me pupped UP toward the Kingdom of Heaven because I never had true “Joy” now.
        Actually after listening to you a second time, “IT” reminded me of when I was selling Real Estate in the mid late seventies and at that time, the company was the largest in Canada which had over forty eight offices and long story short, our office had goals that we were to follow and longer story short, “IT” actually worked for me cause I became one of their top salesman before the company decided to sell. Go Figure? (lol)
        I don’t want to get off topic here so let’s just say that I had the right cold in reality but spiritually speaking, they were bad goals cause they were not specific toward GOD (Good Old Dad). Right? 🙂
        I hear YA! You’re still in need of Good Spiritual Healthy Planning for next year and we’ll keep praying for YA to find “IT” Victor. 🙂
        God Bless

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  • Leo McWatkins

    Delve even deeper into the story with the film The Blood & The Rose.

  • Andrew Sondag

    I enjoyed how Our Lady of Guadalupe goes back to St. Luke. But as to what the tilma originally looked like, I recommend you read the article published by the Knights of Columbus magazine, Columbia, a few years back (around 1997 or 1998). I would tell you the date, but I have moved several times since I first received it, and it is packed away in a box somewhere. The original tilma showed Mary without any of the items that you describe in your broadcast, but in plain garb. No stars on her cloak or tilma were there, nor the band that indicates that she is pregnant, nor the roses, nor the moon. These items were later painted on the tilma. Does this make the tilma any less sacred? I think just the opposite. It does show how the people truly wished to honor Mary in a way that they saw proper. The article does show enlargements of her eyes, and you can see the reflections of the people in the room. But, if clarification is not made as to what is truly miraculous of the tilma and what was later added, one could easily toss out the whole story as fraudulent. One can start adding, as you do, what these items symbolically mean that Mary will eventually crush Islam and especially Communism because she is standing over the moon. People might dismiss Paul Badde’s book as ridiculous. if he states that the image as we now see it was originally on the tilma. If he does, then it would be hard for me to believe his research on the tilma was thorough.