#078: Is the Relic of True Cross Real? [Mini-Podcast]

I’m enjoying Rome like you can’t believe. It started with Mass with Pope Francis at the Lateran…and I just keep enjoying the saints, relics, liturgies, and churches after I teach my classes for the Rome Experience at Santa Croce. I have the pleasure of being with some great priests and seminarians.

St Helen and the true cross

St Helen and the true cross

Here’s a mini-podcast I recorded in Rome from outside the Church of the “Holy Cross of Jerusalem” (it’s on the street so you can hear the crazy Italian drivers) where Saint Helen placed the true cross that she found in Jerusalem.

Is it legit? I share the history…and my thoughts – just 3 minutes and 4 seconds:

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Question: Is there anything you want me to cover while I’m in Rome? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Ken Vee

    Interesting, Dr Marshall. I wonder if St Helen and her associates considered examining the three crosses for evidence of the plaque that Pilot (the first to proclaim Christ KING in print; Pilot the Evangelist!) had nailed over the Lord’s Head, which you cite as being in the Church of The Holy Cross as well. Did they find that in the well, loose and underfoot? Or was that saved out before the crosses were deposited in this place? Does tradition have anything to say about that? It seems rather an obvious characteristic to search for in the True Cross– the thieves likely not meriting such an “honor” as a placard… or did they, too, have messages above their heads? Was this actually the custom? It may simply be that time had altered the wood to such a degree that a small nail hole might not be found by St Helen in any event– setting up the need for the Divine Discernment of the miraculous healing. Of course, I’m now wondering if modern scientific methods might reveal the very track of the nail in the wood, if that portion of the cross survives. (I have never even seen a picture of the True Cross). Imagine the thrill of that discovery!
    Thank you for sharing this. Very thought provoking.