#027: How to Make an Eternal Impact with Your Life [Podcast]

Think about how a seal can be pressed into wax. Your life is that seal. Do you want to make a shallow imprint this life or a deep imprint? How about an eternal impact. Today we examine how we can make an eternal impact by allowing God to work in and through us.

  • Weekly podcast joke: “An old man comes back to confession”
  • Tip of the week: using your Rosary beads
  • Proverb of the week: Proverb 22:29
  • Featured Segment: How to Make an Eternal Impact
  • Saint of the Week: St Josemaria Escriva (The Way, Furrow, Forge in one volume)
    josemaria the way
  • Latin word of the week: imprimatur

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My recommended book by  St Josemaria Escriva (The Way, Furrow, Forge in one volume).

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  • This was the first of your Podcasts that I have listened to and I have been so blessed, challenged and encouraged by it! Thank you so much for sharing. I was especially struck by the need to dream big through Him, with Him and in Him! God bless your ministry. I can’t wait to go back and listen to the previous podcasts.

  • MPR

    My mother and I were also blessed and encouraged by listening to his podcast.
    Thank you, Dr. Marshall!

  • lschorp

    Loved the beads for other prayers. I wanted to ask, I pray the Chaplet of Devine Mercy daily, I tend to be drawn to it, should I be saying the regular rosary as well, as my daily prayers such as the our Father and one Hail Mail at bedtime.

  • Caroline

    Thank you for this wonderful podcast, will definitely share this to my family and friends. It’s a blessing to listen to your talks, it strikes directly to the heart. Indeed the Kingdom of God begins on earth being inspired and challenged by you and other great and humble speakers, What a Joyful day! Dream Big – Pray hard, have Faith and God will do rest! So beautiful and awesome. God bless you more Dr Marshall and please include me in your prayers too.

  • Steve

    Dr. Marshall,
    I just listened to this podcast and thought it was very good. I was hoping that you would mention the Servant of God Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan in a future podcast. He made short reflections in a proverbial style while in prison in Vietnam that have moved my soul enough to the point that I created a Twitter account (@saigonsaint), where I post a message daily. As a huge fan of yours, you were actually the first person I followed. God bless you, your family and your ministry.