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4 steps - 30 seconds

Howdy, this is Taylor and THANK YOU for wanting to rate my podcast. Rating the podcast allows others on iTunes to find the podcast in the Apple search engine.

When you leave a review, I’ll mention your name on the podcast, thank you, and give you a shout out. I also choose a “review of the week” and if I choose your review, I’ll read it aloud during the podcast.

Here’s how to leave a Podcast Review in 4 steps taking about 30 seconds:

  1. Step 1: Click this link: iTunes Preview of Taylor Marshall Catholic Show, and THEN click “View in iTunes” button as shown in the screenshot below:
  2. Step 2: This will launch iTunes Store on your computer where you will click on the tab “Ratings and Reviews” (Note: You can leave a Rating and Review only from inside the iTunes Store.)
  3. Step 3: Click the button “Write a Review”:iTunes_step_2_and_3
  4. Step 4: Last of all, click the stars and write your review. I’ll read your name and give you a shout out in the next podcast!

Thank you so much for leaving a review. I look forward to reading it!

to Jesus through Mary,

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  • joisygoil

    PLEASE, PLEASE make these available in print version. So
    me people do not have the luxury of being able to listen. PLEASE make this available in print version so the message can be read.

    • Dear Joisygoil,

      It’s rather costly to have these messages (1 hour) transcribed into print. If you know anyone will to donate the money to have this done, I’d gladly do it. It would be a great resource.

  • JMJT

    I think it would be good to do more with the omitted scripture verses re homosexuality from the Catholic Mass . I think the omitted verses refer to the moral and psychological deterioration of the active homosexuals and their tendency to become power hungry and strive to persecute anyone who does not give them the adulation they crave. Usually all we are hearing at Mass is , “love them, and only the homosexual acts are sinful” ,but it seems that the homosexual lifestyle leads to all kinds of other sinfulness and grave injustices to others.

  • Joseph LeBlanc

    Thank you Dr Marshall for pointing out how certain passages of the New Testament have been deliberately omitted from the Sunday Lectionary, purportedly so as not to offend certain people.

    Keeping us from knowing what was actually spoken by our Lord Christ Jesus on this matter is irresponsible and downright evil.

  • Tom Saltsman

    That was a great point, Taylor, about “all is well.”

    I, too, am a convert from Protestantism. Although I struggled for years to leave dangerous mindsets behind that I had acquired among Protestants (like the fatal and hope-destroying teaching that sin can destroy God’s ability to teach simple truths or work through those who have not repented; see Romans 11:29), I have kept a few good teachings. The best Protestant teaching comes from Merlin Carothers (ka-RUH-thers) whose seminal book is “From Prison to Praise.”

    In essence, Carothers’ precept says, “In everything give thanks for this
    is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (I Thessalonians
    5:18).” Carothers taught that whatever the circumstance, we must always thank and praise God for it–especially the circumstances that seemed evil and overwhelming. He wrote his series on this powerful subject in the late sixties and beyond. Many of his books were blockbuster sellers that still do well today.

    I have practiced his teaching for years and it works. It’s so great to always see the bright side of things! This constant practice also draws one closer to God because one begins to see things as God sees them. It completely alters one’s value system to heaven’s value system. It produces the fruits of the Spirit.

  • mariamgal

    Thank you so much, Dr. Taylor, for a great podcast. I listened, learned, and thanked God for your talents. You have the gift of clarity to bring the Scriptures to every listener, not only in an attractive and accessible way, but also in an innovative, familiar style. May God continue to bless you and the work you do. +