#020: When Prayer Becomes a Chore [Podcast]

I talk a lot about Mental Prayer, but personally I get bogged down and often it feels like a chore. A reader named Alex wrote me about when “prayer feels like a chore.” I can relate. Trust me.

In today’s podcast, I talk about my own struggles and give three suggestions to overcome the idea that prayer is a chore – something to merely check off the list.

Also, due to the overwhelming response – the old intro music is back!

I also talk about Saint Alexander and the death of the heretic Arius who died on the toilet (as depicted in the image below). You won’t want to miss that story. It’s in this podcast’s “Saint of the Week” feature.

Death of Arius on toilet

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Proverb of the Week:
Prov 15:29

Tip of the Week:
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Saint of the Week:
St Alexander of Constantinople (and the death of Arius on the toilet)

Latin Word of the Week:

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  • daisy

    I can’t tell if the people looking at Arius are upset by his death or the fact that he’s using an open view bathroom.

    • JoeAllen

      While the artist invoked poetic license and removed the curtain/door from the toilet-chamber in the painting, note that the private parts of Arius were tastefully NOT revealed.

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  • Maria

    Taylor! I liked the new intro music! The old one takes too long and is annoying. Sorry. Never mind, can’t please everyone… I just have to fast forward.
    I’m very grateful for this podcast and you really hit the nail on the head for me noting that I simply have to retreat to love. Anger and pessimism was getting the better of me. Holding Mother Mary’s hand is an excellent suggestion. Thank you!

  • LAM

    Hello Dr. Taylor , is there anyway to get a transcript of this podcast , that will help people like me who are hearing impaired , please .