#006: How You Can Convert 7 Billion People [Podcast]

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Islam has surpassed Catholicism as the biggest religion on earth? Why aren’t we fired up about this? Today we look at a simple strategy for converting 7.1 billion people to Christ. Yes, it’s possible. Listen the podcast to find out how you can be a part of it!

convert 7 billion

This map shows the population distribution for Christianity on Planet Earth.

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“How You Can Convert 7 Billion People”

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“How to Convert 7 Billion People”

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  • Thibaud313

    Point of order : “Islam has surpassed Catholicism as the biggest religion on earth?”. You’re right to include a “?” because the veracity of this statement is doubtful for two reasons :

    1) Islam has surpassed Catholicism as the biggest religion on earth… according to data provided by Muslim organizations who have an obvious interest in claiming the number of Muslims is higher than it really is (such as making the following arguments : “World politics (UN, etc) should reflect more the will of Muslims since Islam is THE BIGGEST RELIGION ON EARTH”. As a result, the estimation of the number of Muslims vary wildly from 1 billion to 2 billions (which seems like an outrageous claim).

    2) Writing “Islam has surpassed Catholicism as the biggest religion on earth” is comparing apples and oranges. It makes sense to compare the number of MUSLIMS to the number of CHRISTIANS OR the number of ONE PARTICULAR SECT OF MUSLIMS (more logically SUNNI ISLAM, the largest Muslim sect) to the number of CATHOLICS. The reason for this is that there is at least as much difference between Sunni Islam and non-Sunni Islam (mainly Shia Islam : for instance, some Muslim sects (most forms of Shia Islam, especially in Africa) encourage the veneration of “saints”, while others consider any form of veneration of any man (including the “prophets”, even Mahomet) an abomination worthy of death) as between Catholicism and non-Catholic Christianity.
    It is pretty much unquestioned that Christianity as a whole still surpass Islam as a whole and Catholicism alone still surpass Sunni Islam alone.

    Your point remains valid though, of course.

    • I think that Catholics are probably guilty of pumping up the numbers. Our number includes Nancy Pelosi and probably thousands of cradle Catholics that now attend megachurches.

  • Victor

    (((“Christianity.” Pretty cool.)))
    You’re not moving to the North Pole to help Santa Claus! Are YA? 🙂
    Really! I’m happy that you’re doing so well.
    God Bless

  • Emanuel

    Some thoughts about the natural aspects of evangelisation (that Everyone Else Should Do):
    Maybe there needs to be a bit more of a baptised ‘Art of War’ or ‘Rules for radicals’ approach. So, we would ask ourselves ‘Is it moral?’ and ‘Does it work?’, and that’s it.
    This could be made in a too bureaucratic way, but what about surveying converts about how and why they converted (we know why people leave). Most of it will probably be ‘own studies’, but there should be some value to it.
    One key factor of the secularisation was Wilhelm Reichs realisation that you don’t have to argue with people to turn them into the new man, if you just liberate them from sexual morality. This tactic is obviously still very much in use and some antidote needs to be found. Maybe just making a big point of the truth about the sexual revolution? “Freedom is slavery” is perhaps even more true in reality than 1984.
    The online presence is probably our stronger side, allthough still far behind the atheists. Catholics just can’t troll like an atheist. So what are the IRL options? They are obviously necessary, since most people don’t accidentally wind up on Catholic sites or media. Talking to close ones and various kinds of street evangelisation. The former has been discussed a lot. The latter one is horrifying, not only since we know that almost noone wants to hear it and that you risk more socially (though this is attached to any evangelisation). Maybe spamming printed material in a way where you mostly don’t have to confront people directly. We associate these things with sentimental evangelical attempts, but it could be about the style and quality rather than that these methods are bad. Then some could advance to more courage-requiring things, according to what is efficient. Rule #6: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy.”
    One advantage political movements have over the Church, is that even though it is more necessary to evangelise than propagandise, a political organization is simply pointless if it doesn’t propagandise. You can get to heaven without doing much evangelisation (compensate for attitude etc), but a political organisation that doesn’t spread its ideas is not a political organisation. This is why you sometimes can see even activists from small organisations that represent thoroughly hated ideologies in public space. And if they look good and confident, they can still benefit even if they don’t convince anyone at that time.
    I don’t know how we could get that kind of necessity without stressing the social teachings too much. Maybe by being triumphalistic (wanting Christs triumph manifested in various ways is obviously a good thing, as opposed to wanting to build a papal state empire, or whatever ‘they’ are constantly implying)? This could proclaim the faith and attack the social revolution at the same time.

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