#030: Should You Be an Optimist? [Podcast]

My goal this week is to help you answer the question: “Should you be an optimist?”

This might surprise you because most people assume that you are either born an optimist or pessimist – like being born right or left handed.

My claim is that it is a choice that you can make and that you should choose “optimist” as your identity because you believe in God and you believe in Jesus Christ. 

  • Weekly podcast joke: Thomas Aquinas goes camping
  • Tip of the week: form an intentional prayer circle – 5 people that you go to for prayer
  • Proverb of the week: Proverbs 24:14
  • Featured Segment: Should You Be an Optimist?
  • Saint of the Week: None
  • Latin word of the week: optimus (plus cameo appearance by Optimus Prime!)
    optimus prime

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