#030: Should You Be an Optimist? [Podcast]

My goal this week is to help you answer the question: “Should you be an optimist?”

This might surprise you because most people assume that you are either born an optimist or pessimist – like being born right or left handed.

My claim is that it is a choice that you can make and that you should choose “optimist” as your identity because you believe in God and you believe in Jesus Christ. 

  • Weekly podcast joke: Thomas Aquinas goes camping
  • Tip of the week: form an intentional prayer circle – 5 people that you go to for prayer
  • Proverb of the week: Proverbs 24:14
  • Featured Segment: Should You Be an Optimist?
  • Saint of the Week: None
  • Latin word of the week: optimus (plus cameo appearance by Optimus Prime!)
    optimus prime

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  • ymader@gmail.com

    Thank you for your Pod Cast on optimism. Lent is a good time to have this discussion because so many people see Lent as a ‘negative’ when it is really a positive. What I mostly wanted to comment on though, is St. Paul’s ‘secret’. I would just like to add something which correlates to what you said and that would be an assumption that he saw all as Divine Providence. I turned my own negativity into a positive outlook simply by doing just that – seeing God at work in all things. By doing this one cannot help but be joyful and people pick up on this joy which provides opportunities to share from whence it springs.

  • Victor

    My claim is also that it is a choice that we all can make and in making the choice of being an “optimist”, I believe that it is a lot better to choose “optimist” as your identity especially if “ONE” wants to believe in God and if so then most Christians should agree that in that case we should all believe in Jesus Christ. Long story short! All Christian optimists should try to avoid pessimistic, dejected, sorrowful thinking. Right Doctor Marshall? 🙂
    God Bless

  • Simon

    Hi Dr Marshall, I just wanna ask, how about if you feel angry to someone. Of course you are full of negative inside. Is am i going to hold it, just to be optimist?