#011: Why Did They Stop Teaching Virtue? [Podcast]

My goal today is to challenge you to rethink what you know about Virtue. If you grew up in the last 50 years, you probably weren’t taught much. It’s not your fault. Today we’re going to explain what a virtue is and why “virtue ethics” are the only way to go.

The Seven Virtues

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“Why Did They Stop Teaching Virtue?”

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1) Proverb of the Week:
Proverbs 21:20

2) Tip of the Week:
Abandonment to Divine Providence by Jean-Pierre de Caussade (Author)

3) Featured Segment:
Why Did They Stop Teaching Virtue?

4) Latin Word of the Week:

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  • Kathy b

    Thank you so much for this podcast. I will be teaching the 7 deadly sins this week to my ccd class and I am very excited to add the difference between
    Situation ethics and Virtue ethics. I can’t tell you how much enjoy not only this podcast but the New Saint Thomas Aquinas institute as well.
    You are a blessing to all.

  • Victor

    Hey Doctor Taylor,
    It is raining here in our city and they say that it will probably rain all week but between you, me and your readers, it is easy for me to think positive and thank GOD because I only need to remind myself that if it was snow, I would have to shovel “IT” 🙂
    Keep UP the good words and works

  • Patricia Walsh

    But Christ never said what was actually Caesar’s. Is money from taxation actually the State’s or has the State not actually taken it from the citizens by force, which morally is known as theft!

    • Patricia,

      I don’t think the monotheistic Jews were willingly paying their hard earned money as taxes to a pagan evil empire which worshipped Caesar as god. It was by force – and Christ said we comply with the unjust tax.


      • Patricia Walsh

        Hi Dr. Taylor. Did Jesus say: “Pay the unjust tax”? Or rather the question posed to Him was set as a trap and Jesus answered the question that was posed to him in an actually ambiguous way…He asked them to produce a coin and asked whose name and inscription were on it…it is that coin that had Caesar’s name on it that was the thing that was Caesar’s. In this way Jesus evaded the trap that was laid for Him and shut them up. I do not see this as Jesus saying “Pay the unjust tax”. I think this issue is more complex than simply “obey the state, however evil it might be”.