#021: Did You Miss God’s Plan for Your Life? [Podcast]

Have you really screwed up at some point in your life and it’s left you wondering whether you “missed” God’s plan for life?

Bartolo Longo

Blessed Bartolo Longo
Satanist turned Saint

Maybe one of these applies to you:

  1. I’ve been in prison.
  2. I killed someone.
  3. I had an abortion.
  4. I abandoned my spouse
  5. I abandoned my children
  6. I committed adultery
  7. I abused someone
  8. I left the Church for decades
  9. I became a drug addict
  10. I was a Satanist
  11. I was an atheist for years
  12. I just can’t stop looking at pornography
  13. I didn’t raise my children properly and they’re a mess now.

Listen, I’ve got great news for you. This podcast explains (from Sacred Scripture) the idea of God’s plan for your life as it relates to “grace upon grace.”

We also learn about Blessed Bartolo Longo – a priest of Satanism who rediscovered God’s plan for his life.

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Proverb of the Week:
Sirach 14:14

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Recreation/Renovation time

Saint of the Week:
Blessed Bartolo Longo

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