#021: Did You Miss God’s Plan for Your Life? [Podcast]

Have you really screwed up at some point in your life and it’s left you wondering whether you “missed” God’s plan for life?

Bartolo Longo

Blessed Bartolo Longo
Satanist turned Saint

Maybe one of these applies to you:

  1. I’ve been in prison.
  2. I killed someone.
  3. I had an abortion.
  4. I abandoned my spouse
  5. I abandoned my children
  6. I committed adultery
  7. I abused someone
  8. I left the Church for decades
  9. I became a drug addict
  10. I was a Satanist
  11. I was an atheist for years
  12. I just can’t stop looking at pornography
  13. I didn’t raise my children properly and they’re a mess now.

Listen, I’ve got great news for you. This podcast explains (from Sacred Scripture) the idea of God’s plan for your life as it relates to “grace upon grace.”

We also learn about Blessed Bartolo Longo – a priest of Satanism who rediscovered God’s plan for his life.

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Sirach 14:14

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Saint of the Week:
Blessed Bartolo Longo

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  • Anon

    Yes, I know God is not vengeful but I wonder if I am being “punished” for not following his plan for me. Growing up everyone told me that I would make a good Priest. Of course I didn’t want that – I wanted what Dr. Marshall has – a large family. I’ve been married for over 10 years, we were each other’s first, although she made me wait 6 months after we were married. To day this day there is no intimacy in our relationship, not for a lack of trying on my part. I take my vows very seriously – “what God has joined let no man put asunder”. I am very active in my church, my wife is not – although she is also a cradle catholic. Most married that are forced to live a celibate life, would have run by now. Then again maybe that is why I am where I am – the Lord knew I would still love and adore and stay by her side.

    • Dear Anon,

      That is a tough situation. I certainly don’t think that you are being punished. God has graces upon graces for you. If a child asks for bread, your Father will not respond by giving you a stone (Matt 7:9).

      God has special graces reserved for you for this difficult situation.

      Might I recommend a prayer: “Lord, give me the graces that I need – the graces that I don’t know that I need.”

      Say to Him, “God I want the intimacy of this sacrament of marriage. Now please make it happen. I tried for 10 years.”

      Also, go to the Blessed Virgin Mary and say, “We ran out of wedding wine. All we have is water.”

      As Mary did Cana, she will go to Jesus and He will respond by transforming the water into wine. You have to believe that this is possible. I don’t know you or your full situation, but I do know that God is Almighty. Ask him for a renewal of the graces of Holy Matrimony. Would He really so “No”?

      I’ll pray for your, bro. That’s a real tough one. Know that God specializes in tough cases.

    • JoeAllen

      I disagree with Dr. Marshall in the sense that I do NOT think that great issues are neatly resolved in THIS LIFE. Sometimes the sick child dies; sometimes the faithful spouse is abused and divorced; sometimes the honest business person goes bankrupt.

      When Hitler herded men and women and children into the gas-chambers, did they ask themselves about achieving God’s plan for their lives … ??? Sometimes this life is a HOLOCAUST for good people, because Satan hates us with an INSANE HATRED. Jesus said our only hope is the RESURRECTION, and he demonstrated this on Easter Sunday.

      • We shouldn’t give Satan so much credit. He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world.

        And the martyrs did ask that question in their final torments. I never claimed life would be roses or easy. We are talking here about God’s plan for your life which entails crosses.

        • JoeAllen

          Giving Satan too much credit … ??? Satan has already murdered billions of people (including all the Saints), and Satan is in the process of murdering me and you and your wife and all your children. This earth and this world will be destroyed; the works of Shakespeare and DaVinci will be destroyed. There is NO WAY to avoid Satan’s HOLOCAUST. Jesus said our only hope is in the Resurrection.

      • Jackie Vick

        Don’t give Satan too much credit are almost the exact words spoken by an exorcist in a lecture. Every time you focus on him and give him credit, you’re taking your focus off of God and crediting the enemy with something he has no control over, and that’s exactly what he wants. He can tempt, but he has no control over our wills. Keep your eyes on God.

        • JoeAllen

          Jackie, it is NOT a question of giving Satan too much credit or too little credit. It’s a question of understanding REALITY and the Bible.

          Do you think DEATH is natural? Adam and Eve were made to live forever. The Bible says DEATH is the invention of Satan (Hebrews 2: 14). Satan invented DEATH to annihilate Adam and Eve and their children (us). Satan is working intensely to make each new generation of humanity, into the last generation of humanity.

          The Messiah came to save us from annihilation. We still must be MURDERED by Satan in this life, but we now have the Resurrection to bring us back to life and to make us into the masterpieces that God originally envisioned.

    • Camila

      For though the fig tree blossom not
      nor fruit be on the vines,
      Though the yield of the olive fail
      and the terraces produce no nourishment,

      Though the flocks disappear from the fold
      and there be no herd in the stalls,
      Yet will I rejoice in the Lord
      and exult in my saving God.

      God, my Lord, is my strength;
      he makes my feet swift as those of hinds
      and enables me to go upon the heights.

      • JoeAllen

        Lovely. Yes, the fact that we exist is the greatest miracle that we can know. We should constantly thank God for creating us and for creating our loved ones. We are damaged merchandise in this life, but we will all be made perfect thru the Resurrection, even the Aborted babies. The Resurrection is the central hope of Christians.

        • Camila


          I dislike your term ‘damaged merchandise.’ Because I am not a merchandise, I am a human being who can bear the very life of God in my soul. God, Almighty, Perfect – desires to give me His very life and assuming I cooperate with His grace this dignity and magnificent reality will be ever elevated to the degree of perfection He so desires.

          If by the resurrection you mean that once Jesus resurrected and ascended into heaven from where He sent His Holy Spirit to sanctify us, then I agree with you. The Holy Spirit is the ‘Sanctifier.’

          My central hope is that by the merits of My Lord and God, Jesus Christ, obtained through his sorrowful passion, my sins are forgiven and I might abide in the bosom of the Holy Trinity for all eternity….. 🙂

          • JoeAllen

            OK, how about “damaged masterpieces” … ???

            The blind want to see. The sick want to be well. The aborted babies want to live. Jesus demonstrated the Resurrection to give these “damaged masterpieces” hope. The Resurrection is God’s gift of a NEW, PERFECT LIFE. However, after the Resurrection some perfect people will still decide to reject God, just as the perfect Adam and Eve rejected God.

          • Camila

            Yes, I like ‘damaged masterpieces’ much better.

            That’s the tragedy isn’t it? That as lofty a gift God desires to bestow on His little creatures we would choose not to receive it. I think this is why the saints sealed their wills within God’s. Confidently trusting He who even while we were sinners suffered and died for us, the saints have no confidence in themselves, but in God alone.

            Satan was crushed JoeAllen, he has no power over us. He can only tempt us – and we can, as we have seen, choose to obey him the father of lies instead of obeying God, Almighty Father. Satan has no access to our free will.

        • Camila


          While cleaning my office I found this, and it is pertinent to our conversation.

          Born as a son,
          led forth as a lamb,
          sacrificed as a sheep,
          buried as a man,
          He rose from the dead as a God,
          for He was by nature God and Man.
          He is all things: He judges, and so He is Law;
          He teaches, and so He is Word;
          He saves, and so He is Grace;
          He begets, and so He is Father,
          He is begotten, and so He is Son;
          He suffers, and so He is Sacrifice;
          He is buried, and so He is Man;
          He rises again, and so He is God.
          This is Jesus Christ, to Whom belongs Glory for all ages.

          — Saint Melito of Sardis, Martyr, and Early Church Father

        • Roselyn Yape Mesa

          you obtainable resurrection when you follow god’s will even satan murdered you in a painful way but still your heart and mind will always belong to god. the question here is are you belong of that resurrection? how? and i get Dr. Marshall point about his topic which you disagree.

          • JoeAllen

            I don’t like to disagree with Dr. Marshall.

            But my yardstick includes ABORTED BABIES. They had NO plan for their lives because they had no lives. God will Resurrect them and give them a 2nd chance at life.

          • Roselyn Yape Mesa

            sad to say those babies which aborted has also god’s plan then it contradict of satan but yes they are in god’s handle after all, that’s not actually the point, the big deal here is those mothers who had done this big sin by aborting was totally captured of satan. that’s why we really need to communicate to god every single day of our life to ask his guidance. i afraid to think that this kind of sin is not ordinary sin it has a miracle for forgiveness.

          • JoeAllen

            Mary/Mir-yam, the mother of Jesus/Yah-shua, is especially upset by the crime of Abortion.

      • LizEst

        Ah yes, that’s Habakkuk 3:17-19. It’s very nice.

    • David

      Tough one for sure. Have you tried praying with her? Visit the most Holy Blessed Sacrament together. Since this has been dragging for a long time, you will need a LOT of prayer on your own and with her. You are ONE. Get involved in Church with her. In my prayers too!

  • Sheelagh Hanly

    I wondered when you said there is NO sin that God does not forgive; isn’t there somewhere in the Bible that ‘there is one sin’ that God does not forgive?

    • Kelliej

      Sheelagh, I think the bible talks about the sin against the Holy Spirit being the only sin that cannot be forgiven.

      “Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” [Mt. 12:32]

      “But whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can never have forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.” [Mk. 3:29]

      “And everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven.” [Lk. 12:10]

      • JoeAllen

        So, in the age to come (that is, after the Resurrection), we will be perfect like Adam and Eve; and like them, we will still be able to reject God.

        • Ce Gzz

          Wrong! for you will have Divine Vision and be united with God in eternal Communion.

  • Jackie Vick

    This came to me right when I needed to hear it. I just went to a Healing Mass yesterday, and I felt God tell me, “You are not the sum of your sins.” And then this podcast today. Providential!

    • Jen S

      Jackie, and Taylor, and all – Yes, this came at a perfect time for me as well. I sat before our Lord in Adoration on Monday night and asked him this very question. I received an immediate answer that night, and then this one today as well. I know it rationally, that I could not miss God’s plan for my life, I know it, and yet it still is a temptation and doubt that comes up when I struggle. God bless, thank you.

      • JoeAllen

        Part of God’s wonderful plan for our lives, is the RESURRECTION … !!!!

        • Joe Schmoe

          Sure, you’re right. But you sound so fixated on the resurrection almost as if you’ve already given up on making a good life here and now.

          • JoeAllen

            Guilty as charged. We all need to appreciate the wonders and blessings of this life.

            However, people who steal and rob from others, are focused too much on making this life their heaven. Being focused on the Resurrection, could prevent a lot of crime.

          • Ce Gzz

            Not everybody is the same. That is God’s beauty, we are all different.

        • Roselyn Yape Mesa

          we have to battle satan to over come that resurrection. ↑↑↑♥

  • David

    This is not related to the topics covered, but I am curious about the name of the Thai restaurant. Thanks and God bless!

  • Victor

    Doctor Marshall,
    I’m so far behind in my emails and there are many more of yours still to read but GOD (Good Old Dad) led me to this one and after having read all of the comments here, I must complement everyone for keeping each other in honest Christian check.
    I’m sure that most of you here could probably write a book on this topic alone without even getting deep into “IT” and most of you have probably guessed that I’m referring to not including the invisibility which is combined of more forms than we humans could ever imagine. Let’s keep “IT” simple to only souls who are children of GOD, spirits who are children of “The Holy Spirit” and our human spiritual, reality cells are children of “Jesus Christ”.
    I hear YA Doctor! YA better stop now Victor before you get carried away cause we Christians know that “Satan” is in charge of this world if only because there are a LOT of people who still don’t truly believe in spirits, souls, graces not to mention that our thoughts can become sins and ………..
    BY VICTOR! (lol)
    God Bless and please keep me in your prayers

  • Kristina

    I am catching up on listening to these podcasts, and the title of this one really caught my eye…I have really been feeling like I messed up big time following God’s plan, and I have been feeling it very acutely recently…this podcast gave me hope! You reminded me of some very important things about God and the plans He has for each of us…

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Such great insight, Dr. Taylor Marshall. With all the my regrets and self-loathing (which is sinful in itself) you are helping me not waste time with my life. Thank you!

  • William J

    I just read this today and it really spoke to my thoughts. Thank you Dr Taylor for helping to lift a big burden from my shoulders (soul).

  • Silpa Paul

    Thank you so much for this post Dr Marshall.. first time I v heard about Blessed Bartolo Longo.. Very inspiring..

  • Katherine

    Recently, I jotted down the title to a book I thought about writing soon, “Was It All In Vain, Lord?” I would base it on the verses of John the Baptist when he asked Jesus from prison if he was really the long-awaited Messiah after John spent his entire stoic life preaching in the desert about him. Also the words of Jesus himself on the cross “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me”. And many more examples from the Bible and stories of saints (more study needed). Also based on my own feelings at this point in life at 53 yrs of age.

    My mother died 3 days ago on Friday 20 March 2015 at 3 pm; the holiest hour of the week. We were praying the rosary at her bedside with traditional hymns playing on a CD. She was 89 years and a beautiful mother all through her life.
    Just before her death I realized that Mum’s test in life had been forgiveness. And through all her hardships and pain she had nailed it with absolute grace. All the staff at the nursing home were coming into the room to say goodbye and telling us what a beautiful and lovely woman she’d been while they’d known her for about 16 months before her death.
    The staff were admirably wonderful too and a great inspiration towards compassion, and Jesus’ message to care for the aged, homeless, sick, rejected, humble and those with broken spirit.
    I expected Mum to leave us on the feast day of St Joseph who is the patron saint of the dying, especially after her lifetime of devotion to the rosary and Blessed Virgin. But it was meant to be that she left at the same time as Jesus, two weeks before Easter, on the feast of Ambrose of Siena, a friend of St Thomas.
    She’d been a great scholar at school, coming top in the state in ancient and modern history, and English for her leaving certificate. She also went to university in her 50s to study Ancient Philosophy and achieved High Distinctions/Distinctions for her work. Although, family life prevented her from becoming a professor that her own professor at uni had said she could easily become.
    It seems life taught her much more valuable lessons though, and those around her. She’d won a scholarship to study teaching but war veterans coming home from WW2 got top priority in the late 1940s. She got married and had five kids instead, became a catechist, and taught everybody who met her just with her presence. She was always polite, never angry, always encouraging, and helping a hand to anybody who needed it, including homeless animals. In a letter to me she wrote that ‘giving makes her feel good’. So she gave. And gave. And gave. She gave so much that when she left she took the most valuable thing with her; herself.
    The day after she died, I opened a Bible from her bookshelf. On a portion of the ripped back cover among the pages she’d written the words ‘Paul – Corinthians 15 – Eternal Life’.
    The last words of chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians are: “…knowing that in the Lord your labour is not in vain”.
    One of many lessons I no doubt will receive from Saint Audiene, the newest saint in God’s realm.