#062: Catholic View of the End Times and Tribulation

My goal this week is to look at the Catholic view of the End Times and Tribulation – especially the five signs that the Catholic Church identifies as signaling the end times.

So today is a special “eschatology” (doctrine of the end times) episode.


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  • Proverb of the week: Sirach 37:14-15
  • Featured Segment: Catholic View of the End Times and Tribulation
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  • Timothy Black

    Typo on “tribulation.”

  • danser10

    Christ said he will come like a theft. No one knows except the Father in heaven.

  • all2_true

    There is no way that the catholic church can explain infant baptism according to God’s Word. Infant baptism is not biblical. Not even Jesus Christ was baptized as an infant, instead he was dedicated to the Lord as all infants should be.

    • Lisa Ann Homic

      What could be more beautiful? “Now they were bringing even infants to him that he might touch them; and when the disciples saw it, they rebuked them. But Jesus called them to him, saying, ‘Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them; for to such belongs the kingdom of God’” (Luke 18:15–16).

      • all2_true

        Luke 2:22:When the time came for Mary’s purification offering at the Temple, as required by the laws of Moses after the birth of a child, his parents took him–Jesus Christ–to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord; for in these laws God said, “If a woman’s first child is a boy, he shall be dedicated to the Lord.
        This is the example that is to be used. Jesus Christ was baptized when he was an adult. He was immersed in the Jordan River. Immersed mean to be put under the water. As the Scripture says, when he came up out of the water the Holy Spirit came upon him.Baptizing infants is not biblical, therefore invalid. God will not honor it. It is the same as writing a check from your bank when the funds are not in the account, the bank will not honor the check.

        • John-Camillus

          Christ was baptised as an adult for a simple reason. The reason being that BAPTISIM started with John the Baptist who was just approximately 6 months older than Christ himself. Remember that the Virgin Mary visited Elizabeth her cousin when she (Elizabeth) was about six months pregnant. It then follows that John was about six months older than Christ. It equally follows that when John was about 1 year old, Christ was about about 6 months old. WERE YOU PEOPLE EXPECTING A YEAR OLD CHILD TO BAPTISE ANOTHER 6 MONTHS OLD CHILD? Does it make sense? John started his ministry as an adult and as such started baptising as an ADULT.

          Can any of you show me a biblical verse prohibiting INFANT BAPTISM? Is everything in the BIBLE? Do people that believe in SOLA SCRIPTURA know that it was the Catholic Church that CANONIZED the new Testament in 397 AD? Do they know that even the early christians had no access to the Bible as the new testament was written by different authors independently over a span of many years.

          Please do not deny your new born baby of BAPTISM unnecessarily! Thank you.

    • aquaroyale

      Read The Didache, the document written about 96 A.D.. It is a document that tells what The Apostles taught.1. Concerning baptism,
      baptise thus: Having first rehearsed all these things, “baptise, in the
      Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost,” in running

      2. But if thou hast no running water, baptise in other water, and if thou canst not in cold, then in warm.

      3. But if thou hast neither, pour water three times on the head “in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

      4. And before the baptism let the baptiser and him who is to
      be baptised fast, and any others who are able. And thou shalt bid him
      who is to be baptised to fast one or two days before.

      • all2_true

        Give me the Scriptures in the Bible that says this. Otherwise it isn’t biblical. It isn’t God’s Words. It is made up by the catholic church and therefore lies.

        • Lisa Ann Homic

          What bible do you read, my friend? There was no bible for decades, merely letters, and no final compilation for 400 years. Our dear church fathers handed down the apostles teachings before the bible was compiled. You have to admit if you follow the bible, you also understand the bible came from tradition, first.

          • all2_true

            The bible did come from tradition. The bible was composed of Jewish traditions, and God’s laws and teachings, given to the Jewish people by God. Then when Constantine and the Roman Empire began to kill the true Christians because they would not convert to the religion of the Roman government, which is the Roman Catholic Church, the Roman government and the catholic church took everything God had given the Jewish people and took credit for it. Even today the catholic church practices the ritual that God gave the Jewish people to follow under God’s first covenant. And now that God has made a new covenant with the nation of Israel–a covenant that Jesus Christ instituted–the rituals and practices of the old covenant have been abolished. Jesus Christ has fulfilled the old covenant and all the ceremonies and practices of the old covenant are done away with. The catholic church keeps its followers in bondage by making them follow man-made rules that God does not honor anymore.and tradition. The Bible says if you are going to live by the old covenant of God, then you must obey all of God’s laws without slipping. We do not live by God’s laws to receive salvation, we live by God’s laws because we are saved. To be saved you have to be born again in the Spirit. And the catholic people are not born again in the Spirit.

          • Wesley Woods

            first off Constantine legalized Christianity throughout the Roman Empire. second the Roman persecutions of Christians were before Constantine not after he ascended to the throne. third it was the eastern fathers who corrected the heresies that were plaguing the western church from the time of Nero to about a hundred after Constantine.

          • all2_true

            Wesley, you need to go back and begin reading the Bible from Genesis through to Matthew—in fact you need to read it all the way to Revelation—and see that God did not need anyone to legalize Christianity.
            Christianity was around long before Constantine. Constantine was a self appointed ruler who wanted to take credit for Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church.

        • aquaroyale

          There is no use trying to reason with someone that only relies on the Bible for there faith. You can do that, but why do you criticize someone that has a different opinion?Do you not think that the Lord has been guiding his church thru the centuries. Do you disregard The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima Portugal, and the 70,000 witnesses? What about Guadalupe Mexico. Lourdes France, Rue du Bac France, Kibeho Rawanda or LaSalette France. What about Padre Pio, You do not have to believe any of these events or persons. They are not required for salvation, but the Lord has sent these Saints, and his Mother when the world needed them. And he did not send them to the Protestant church, but to everyone thru the Catholic Church. The Church has not been perfect down thru the ages, but the Church is made up of men. Do not forget, Saint Peter denied the Lord three times.
          St. Paul mentions tradition several times in his epistle,reminding Timothy in Thessalonians to stand fast to the traditions he taught them. I believe that the apostolic tradition, the oral teaching of the apostles was to be preserved and transmitted from generation to generation.Also he said in the 2nd letter to the Thessalonians, So then bretheren , stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter. Now I am no biblical scholar but that seems pretty clear to me.



          Give me Biblical verse that prohibits infant baptism. Is everything in the Bible? Read Jn 21:25. All the things Christ did that were not written in the Bible were passed on as apostolic tradition.

          I hope you believe in & use the word HOLY TRINITY. Show me where it is in the BIBLE! You won’t see it unless you make your own version of the Bible and introduce it by yourself.

          Read Acts 10 account of the conversion of Cornelius. The whole household believed, received the Holy Spirit and then were all BAPTISED. I hope you weren’t expecting the various ages and names of all his family members to have been listed in the Bible.

          From all indications, your CRYSTAL CLEAR hatred of the Catholic Church does not allow you to reason. We Catholics believe in the BIBLE very well because it is the word of God & also we gave it to the world. But we don’t believe in the Bible alone (sola scriptura). Again read Jn 21:25. We believe in the Bible, Tradition and Magisterium.

          God bless.

          • joseph beiro

            Just as there is no biblical verse that says that infants are to be baptized, there is no verse that prohibits it. God gave his example on how baptism should be performed through Jesus Christ. Any other way of baptism holds no merit. The Bible says that the first born son is to be dedicated to the Lord God, that was Jewish custom. Jesus Christ himself was dedicated to the Lord God by his parents.
            Everything that God wants mankind to know and do is in the Bible. The Bible is mankind’s guidance for a Godly life. All that Jesus Christ did in his life may not have been written, but that doesn’t indicate that they are apostolic tradition. What verse is that they are? You and the Catholic Church claim this unproven fact, if it is a fact or just more Catholic lies.
            I believe in the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Knowing that God is a holy God, it goes without questioning that the Son, and the Holy Spirit is also holy. It is the Catholic Church that uses the term Holy Trinity, so I assume the Catholic Church has made it’s own version of the Bible.

            The baptism of Cornelius was exactly what the scriptures says, it was the baptism of the Holy Spirit and not water baptism. If you were filled with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit would have helped you to discern this for you.
            I have no hate for the Catholic Church or its people, but when the Catholic Church deceives the people like it has been doing for many, many years, with their biblical lies, true Christians are to speak out against false teachers and teachings. When you know the truth, like I do, there is no room for reasoning, or compromising, which I will never do.
            Satan also believes in the Bible, and that is why he is using the Catholic Church to misinterpret, contradict and misquote it.
            The problem with the Catholic Church and its followers, is that they read the Bible and try to discern it with their natural, sinful mind, without having the Holy Spirit of God.

    • HammerDoc

      There ARE reports in Acts of people and their “whole household” getting baptized. You mean to say, that–even though Scripture does not say so–that in NONE of those households lived any infants?

  • all2_true

    The remarks on the rapture according to the catholic church are all wrong. It maybe a new idea to the catholic church but it comes from God. My spirit just can’t lesson any more to these false teachings.

    • Lisa Ann Homic

      all2_true, if you are sincerely interested in studying Catholicism, give us your questions. Something is only false until it is understood.

      • all2_true

        @Lisa, I understand the catholic church teaching and it is still false.

        • Lisa Ann Homic

          I understand the Catholic church and it is beautiful.

          • all2_true

            They may be beautiful, but they are lies. And believing lies will not get you into heaven, no matter how beautiful they may be.

          • all2_true

            The devil in sheep’s clothing is also beautiful!

          • Lisa Ann Homic

            all2_true, it’s kind of silly for me to try to evangelize a stranger over facebook. and perhaps I was wrong to continue the discussion. Dr. Marshall is a wonderful teacher and I hope you stick around. Good Luck and God Bless.

    • Dave Jr.

      It is not only the Catholic Church that sees the fallacy in the rapture, every strong conservative Evangelical Protestant Church does not believe in it either. The rapture is something that originated in the mid 20th century and basically Charlatan pastors have used this to generate money and church attendance. The evangelical denominations that do not believe in the rapture are as follows: Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, of which I am a former member, Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church, Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Presbyterian Church of America, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and many Baptist churches in various denominations do not mention Rapture Theology any longer, including Saddleback Community Church where Rick Warren is the senior pastor and they also belong to the Southern Baptist Convention. My parents who grew up in Oklahoma during the depression remember how various preachers proclaimed that the rapture was very eminent and these poor people listened to this heretical rhetoric, and then would sell what little they had on their dirt farms and give their money to these Charlatan preacher who had scared them into believing that the rapture was about to occur. Today, these preachers are much more clever, however, remember that old Evangelical Hymn “On Christ the solid Rock I stand, all other ground is seeking sand, it is enough that Jesus died and that He died for me.” Simply stated, Christ died for our sins, and when a preacher deviates from this central theological truth as the rapture preachers so often do, then you most definitely have problems of pure heresy.

      • all2_true

        The only thing the Evangelical Protestant Church is not sure of is whether the rapture will occur before, during, or after the tribulation period. The Catholic Church is the only church who believes that it is erroneous and a new idea, a new thing. God’s Word on the rapture or the taking away of all true Christians, those who have been born again in the Spirit, has been in the bible for as long as we have had the bible. To your surprise it is even in the Catholic bible and how long has the Catholic bible been around. I don’t understand how the pastor can generate money by teaching on the rapture. This is a lie that the Catholic Church has spread to the Catholic people.

        It is to the loss of those churches who don’t believe in the rapture. It really doesn’t matter if you believe or not, what does matter is if you are born again in the Spirit. Salvation
        does not depend on if you believe in the rapture, but if you are born again in the Spirit. So either way, as long as you are born again in the Spirit and don’t believe in the rapture you will still be taken up to heaven when the rapture occurs.

        You want to talk heresy in the church , you should look at
        the heresy in the Catholic Church before you point your finger at other churches. Here is a partial list of heresy from the Catholic Church: baptizing infants, praying the rosary. Praying the hail Mary, doing pence, the making of
        the cross-which by the way is a heathen practice, the use of holy water—which is just water with a pinch of salk, blessed by a priest, baptizing infants with the sprinkling or pouring of water on their forehead. All the mention practices of the Catholic Church are all not biblical. That is pure heresy. And yes before I forget, another one is how the Catholic Church has added and subtracted to the Word of God. For this the Catholic Church will suffer God’s harsh judgment, and all those associated with the Catholic Church will also suffer along with the church.

        • Wesley Woods

          all churches believe that we will meet Christ in the air when he returns as Paul writes, but that is his second coming not some secret coming for Paul describes it as nothing like it would be secret just unexpected. i believe that Christ will return when his followers do not believe that they are the last generation to live on this sin-cursed earth.

          • all2_true

            Most churches that are filled with the Holy Spirit believe in the Rapture. Except for the Catholic Church.They believe the Rapture is a new idea, a new thing.
            There is going to be two events taking place in the future. The first event will be the event that
            the Bible speaks about, when Jesus Christ will appear in the clouds to take up to heaven all who have been born again in the Spirit. This is the rapture—the taking up of all who have become born again in the Spirit believers. (Read 1
            Thessalonians 5:1—28). This is not Jesus Christ second coming, which is another event that will occur after the antichrist appears.

            After the tribulation period (read Revelation 13:16—18: Read Matthew 24: 23—35). Although no one knows the time, Matthew 24: 23—35 gives some indication what time of the year
            it will occur. The Scriptures says, “When the fig tree’s branches are tender and the leaves begin to sprout, you know that summer is almost here.”
            At Jesus Christ second coming, Jesus Christ will actually set foot on the Mount of Olives. Jesus Christ will place his feet on earth again since his resurrection (Read Zechariah 14:4; Read
            Revelation 22).
            What is hindering you from understanding is your own thinking. Jesus Christ will return according to God’s timing. Not on what you believe. The condition on earth today will escalating to a point that if God does not shorten the days and I mean the time left of this society, all mankind will perish. But the time of today’s society will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen people—all who have been born again in the Spirit (Read Matthew
            24:22). If you are born again in the Spirit there is no need to fear of the future, for God will shorten the days before total destruction takes place. So
            many people today are so fearful of nuclear war, but God will not allow that to happen.
            As for infant baptism is concerned I am telling you what the Bible says. I have given you
            Scriptures were you can look up what I have told you. I am not calling anyone anything. My understanding is based on the Holy Spirit.

            Show me where these men you mentioned say that God approves of infant baptism.

        • Dave Jr.

          You evidently did not read what that I wrote or did not understand what that I wrote. The main Evangelical denominational churches are more strongly opposed to dispensational eschatology than any Catholic that I have ever known. Go to a Presbyterian Church of America, Orthodox Presbyterian, Lutheran Church Missouri Synod pastor or a strong lay person of one of these denominations, and they will be much more cynical than any Catholic that you could ever meet. It was these people who taught me about the fallacy and heresies of dispensational theology, which by the way is very recent, as of about 1830 by an English clergyman by the name of John Nelson Darby, then promulgated by Dr. C. I. Scofield, who also wrote footnotes for the King James Bible on dispensational eschatology. I read this Bible from Genesis to Revelation many times, and I believed in the rapture and all of the dispensational eschatology teachings. The Baptist church that I was a member believed in this type of theology, however, as the years passed, it was hardly ever mentioned in sermons or in Bible studies. As I previously mentioned, most true Evangelicals do not preach or teach this type of eschatology, and most do not even believe in this type of eschatology any more.
          You mentioned what is important is being “Born Again.” To help you with this, remember that the centrality of Christianity is the Cross and atoning blood sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ. This according to one of the leading Evangelicals of the last 60 years, Dr. John R. W. Stott. Who by the way was a very good friend of Dr. Billy Graham. I suggest that you my friend need to get back to the basics, so do read Dr. Stott’s books, Basic Christianity, The Cross of Christ, and Why I Am A Christian. Dr. Stott was admired and taught many of the leading Evangelicals including Rick Warren, Billy Graham, Chuck Swindoll and many others. Also, Christianity spread through the Third World countries like wildfire due to Dr. Stott’s teachings and his organization, John Stott ministries.

      • Wesley Woods

        very true. one just has to take a look at the many self appointed “prophecy experts” who preach the rapture. the tend to be Dr. so and so. they write books and always are updated something they claim is so spelled out to detail in the Bible. take one for example Dr. Jack van Impe who in the 1990s was telling his listeners that Christ will return before 2000. of course he was wrong. about 2010 when the end of Mayan calender became such a craze he declared that the rapture would occur then. more two years later and we are still here. only one person to set a year has not been proven wrong yet, but his date is either near the end of this century or next. he was Sir. Isaac Newton who has already been dead for nearing three centuries now. will his hold up? doubtful, but chances are we will not be alive to find out either if it is near the end of this century and definately not if next century.

    • Wesley Woods

      it comes from an 19th century heretic known as John Nelson Darby who was an disillusioned Angilcan who become Plymouth Brethren before he came up with his eschatology and was later condemned by the Plymouth Brethren along with his few followers. the Bible clearly teaches that when Christ returns Heaven and Earth will become one not after a thousand years for Christ Kingdom has no end.

      • all2_true

        I would guess that everything you have written here is what the Catholic Church has brain-washed you into believing. You make yourself sound so intellectual, but all this information you offer is useless. It’s all head knowledge that serves very little interest in being a witness for God. In your spirit you are empty. It is like trying to be holy and righteous without the Holy Spirit–it is being self-righteous– that the Catholic Church–which does not please God.

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Why is this version so different?

    Sirach 37:14-15Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

    14 Nor with him that worketh by the year of the finishing of the year, nor with an idle servant of much business: give no heed to these in any matter of counsel.

    15 But be continually with a holy man, whomsoever thou shalt know to observe the fear of God,

  • Gerald Moser

    As far as the gospel being preached to the whole world as in Matt 24:14 the catechism doesn’t mention this. This passage is the 7th sign of the Olivet Discourse which the Greek word for “world” in Matt 24:14 is oikoumene which it’s better meaning is the “civilized world”, more or less the Roman Empire at that time. There is another word for world meaning the entire earth , kosmos. In this same chapter (Matt. 24:21) kosmos is used; “”from the begining of the world until now”. In Matt 24:14 Jesus is saying that once the gospel is preached throughout the Roman Empire at that time the destruction of the Temple would take place, Even Paul in his writings (Rom 1;8 & Col 1:5-6) believed that gospel had reach the know world at that time.
    There’s a great book by David Currie, Rapture “The End Times Error That Leave the Bible Behind” that has a great study on the Olivet Discourse (Matt 24 & 25), Book of Daniel, and Revelation. The foreward is by Scott Hahn who has a great study book on Revelation ,”End Time'” also Micheal Barber’s book “Coming Soon Unlocking the book of Revelation”. The most interesting book that Scott Hahn turned me onto is “The Apocalypse- The Perennial Revelation of Jesus Christ” by Prof. Eugenio Corsini by far the most different and catholic explanation of the book of Revelation that answers alot of the difficult passages.

  • jeremy

    I have not often heard such a rambling and incoherent explanation of a subject. How many times did he mention the five signs and then wander off on another subject altogether. Get to the point!

  • Scott N Linda Pauline

    I think it is time for the Catholic Church to begin looking at the apocalypse from the standpoint of all of the spiritual phases of her history and not just the very end or the very beginning, I mean what do petty details at the end of the world or in the days o
    of pagan Rome how do those help us what about Islam Schism heresy worldly infidelity secular apostasy chastisement renewal in the age of peace where is all of that

  • yuri

    Wow, this guy misses the St. Matthew 24:15 where Jesus states “When therefore you shall see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place: he that readeth let him understand.” The abomination of desolation is the second altar of the novus ordo sect. How many “catholics” are deceived by the novus ordo mass. a mass written by six protestants. A mass where the words of consecration were changed rendering the consecration invalid.