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Hello, my name is Pope Francis and I’m calling from Vatican City. You can see what I’m up to at Taylor, I love reading your blog every morning after Holy Mass. I have a question. Who is your favorite Pope of all time? I look forward to your answer. I send my Apostolic Blessing to you and your family. Ciao!

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  • Henry DeBonis

    Dr. Marshall, How about answering the question someone asked about thinking A venial is mortal
    and not receiving the Eucharist. Should he have received or did his “venial” sin become mortal
    because he thought his act might have been mortal (when it really was only venial)?

    • Venial sins never become mortal sins on account of after thought.

      For example, if you honestly thought that French kissing your secretary was only a venial sin because it wasn’t grave matter and then later learned that it was. It would not “become” a mortal sin at a later date.

      If you shot what you thought was a dinner and it was a man. It wouldn’t become the mortal sin of murder later on because you later on learned that you killed a man (plus it would have full intention).

      See St Alphonsus Liguori for details on this matter. The status of a sin cannot be changed retroactively.

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  • Paulie Austin

    Give me your ideas on the “new” evangelization. To me it is just an idea……How do we promote it?????

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  • Jennifer O.

    Hi Dr. Marshall,

    My name is Jennifer O., emailing you from Canada.

    I was wondering if you could provide insight for myself and a friend, please. We understand that it is wrong to assign a name to your Guardian Angel and we know to always go by the Holy See. But before learning that this practice is actually discouraged, my friend had asked God through prayer to reveal her Guardian Angel’s name to her and she feels that He has. She now feels conflicted and I can see why. It isn’t that she meant to “name” her Angel herself like she would a pet. She just wanted to know her Angel’s name and feels that God has answered her. What can I tell her?

    Hope to hear from you! Thanks for your work.

    In Christ through Mary,

    Jennifer O.

  • Marty

    Do you think that the present pope will get rid of the fssp and other approved groups who say the Tridentine Mass that was approved by our two previous popes? I have prayed that he will not because I cannot stand to attend the new rite in most cases.

  • Shelley

    Dr. Marshall I would like your feedback on the following paragraph. I think, also, it would be a good topic for NSTI or elsewhere.

    A fine-tuning of popular Christian conception of “heaven” is in order. Matthew famously speaks of “entering the kingdom,” by which he means, not so much going to heaven when we die, but being part of the people of God who will usher the power of heaven to earth; remember the Lord’s prayer is a petition for God to bring the power of His kingdom here, not for us to go anywhere. Similarly Paul, neither here nor anywhere else, ever describes the hope of Christians as “getting to heaven when we die.” Catholic preachers and teachers take note: you would do very well to stop saying this and start saying instead what Paul says—that the hope of the children of God is to reign over the this creation, once this creation has been utterly transformed by the power of the resurrection. Such has always been the hope of Israel. The children of God who live by the Spirit are going nowhere at all—except perhaps temporarily, if
    they die before the resurrection occurs. The only people leaving will be the “flesh people” who, lacking the spirit of God, will not withstand the final transformation of the cosmos in which sin and death will be finally vanquished. This is the stark picture of life and death in Romans.

  • Sal

    Hi Brother Marshall, my sister and i were discussing a question on Priest being married, and she mentioned that one or some of the Apostles were married? is this true? how does one present a case to a Brother in a different faith when his pastor is married and claims the scripture concur with priest being married?

    Thank you

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  • Daniel

    Your newest file #013 says “File not found” can you reload?

  • Carolyn

    I am unable to access the New St. Thomas website, as I need a new password. No password link comes through when I make the request. No email contact is listed to contact anyone for assistance. Whom should I contact?

  • anita

    Hi Taylor,
    I’m listening to your podcast in which you recommend the 33 day consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary by St. Louis DeMonfort. I did that consecration many years ago then a year ago I discovered Fr. Michael Gaitley’s “33 Days to Morning Glory”. It uses St. Louis’ formula but simplifies it and adds three other saints or Blesseds [including JP II] to whom consecration to Mary was paramount! It was so much more accessable to me than was St Louis’ original one. As a matter of fact, I’m almost finished with my annual re-consecration on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
    Just wanted to tell you about it as others besides me might have an easier, deeper response to the consecration through Fr. Gaitley’s book. Thanks

  • Grannie

    I don’t like podcasts. I want to READ whatever you want to reveal to us.

  • judystefencavage

    Dr Marshall; I am unable to continue w/the U of St Thomas, I have not had tiime to keep up due to illness of my mother. Please pray for her; she is near death, pray she has an easy passage and that her death is holy and happy. God Bless you

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  • Joan Elizabeth

    Alberta Trafficante

    Thank you for “God’s Birthday”! I got to use it on Christmas Day!

    I was asked the question by some one who is not baptized and knows little of the Faith. I was asked, “Wasn’t Christ born in the Spring?” I first gave a brief explanation of the climate during December in Bethlehem and then I said simply, “Dec. 25 is what was told by Mary when asked when her son was born.”

    Then I elaborated that Mary had access to the Hebrew calendar, the Roman calendar and the winter solstice just occurred. Therefore, she pinned it down like any mother would.

    This opened up a beautiful discussion about St. Joseph and his heavenly preparation for accepting the Virgin Birth and the role he played in the life of Mary as well.

    So, thank you so much for this book. I also have to thank my Guardian Angel whom I prayed to in order to prepare me about any questions about the birth of Christ since I knew I would be talking to her on Christmas day.

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  • Alexis

    Dear Dr. Marshall,
    I just listened to your podcast 12 Attributes as a Baptized Christian. Never before has a podcast made such an impression on me. The attribute “I am a child of God” brought me to tears. No one ever told me that before or maybe I just didn’t listen. It is true; I am a child of God and nothing is ever going to change that. So, thank you for your podcast and for the words I need to hear.
    God bless you,

  • Marcy Davis

    Thank you for the excellent podcast ” Did You Miss God’s Plan for Your Life ! I was wondering what Bible translation you are using. We have the Douay Rheims and while it is excellent, the formality is a bit dry (?) for my taste at times. For example Ecclesiasticus 14:14 was “Defraud not thyself of the good day” whereas your “Do not deprive yourself of a happy day” seemed clearer and more inspiring to me. Thank you for your assistance!


    Taylor, do you realise that the Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas is traditionally March 7th. Not January 28th?

  • Marty

    Dr. Marshall,
    You indicated that there are five types of law. The Law of sin is what you indicate is the fifth type. I had always thought that it was 4 types. You also say that there is a four fold definition. I disagree as it consists of a fivefold definition. An ordinance(1) of reason (2) for common good (3) made by him who has authority (4) and promulgated (5).
    Could you clarify both points? Also, I have never read in any interpretations by other Thomistic philosophers that say there are 5 types of law, now maybe I have not read enough but you are the only one that describes there being five. Any input, or clarification would be helpful.

  • Julianna

    Mr.Marshall, I cannot access the site ( The New St.Thomas Inst. ) I try to log in and get only a white page. I did the silly “ticket” thing twice with no response.
    I even did the “lost password” just trying to get a response. I don’t want to keep paying for the the classes if I can’t even get in.
    Please help !


  • JoyceU

    Regarding the painless birth of Our Lord, does the Church have any theories about what happened to the placenta? Seriously wondering.

    • Susan McGuinness Getzinger

      Some believe that since Mary did not have the pain of labor and was a virgin before, during and father birth, that the resurrection might explain how Christ May have radiated out of. Mary’s womb like He did in the tomb through the burial cloth. Thoughts?

  • Susan McGuinness Getzinger

    Q: Abraham and Isaac born around Tishrei or Nissan or another time? Seems like one of the two from reading Genesis but I am sure I am missing much. Seems like they may have had the same birthday or close (date not year since 100 year spread & father/son). Thoughts?

  • Dea Evans

    Hello Dr. Marshall I have just a short question my brother is incarcerated I can send him books through Amazon he is involved in a men’s Christian group in prison I would like to send him a book through Amazon any suggestions on a book to inspire him to become Catholic