The Top 5 Catholic Podcasts of 2014

Thank you for listening to the Taylor Marshall Podcast. Due to the launch of my first novel Sword and Serpent and the holidays, I’ve been a little behind in the episodes, but the show is still getting tons of downloads. Thank you!

Why you should listen to this Catholic Podcast:

  1. podcast_icon1You’ll get classical theology from the Jewish proverbs, the sayings of Christ, the lives of the Saints, and the philosophy of Thomas Aquinas.
  2. You’ll hear my personal thoughts and struggles on being Catholic. In this podcast, I become a little more casual and share things from my own life. Failings and personal insights.
  3. This podcast leads the “New and Noteworthy” category in iTunes for “Religious Blogs.” You can read reviews and subscribe for free through iTunes here.

It’s always fun to see which topics were the most popular with yall.

Here are the Top 5 Podcasts from 2014 (sorted by most downloads):

Please click on any of them to begin listening or to save for later:

  1. My Opinion of Martin Luther
  2. A Podcast Against Bitter Catholics!
  3. Top Five Productivity Tips from Thomas Aquinas
  4. Total Consecration to Mary
  5. Did You Miss God’s Plan for Your Life?

Here are the next five “runner-ups” for 2014:

  1. 5 Tools for Deep Daily Prayer Life
  2. Your Guardian Angel
  3. How Was the Bible Assembled? (plus Joy joins me)
  4. The Seven Lies We Believe About Our Failures
  5. Mary’s Painless Delivery of Christ Explained
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