Top 10 Popular Podcasts of 2013

We had a great year on the Podcast in 2013. Here are the Top 10 Popular Podcasts in order of popularity from 1-10 (number of downloads).

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  1. My Opinion of Martin Luther (3,492 downloads)
  2. 5 Tools for Deep Daily Prayer Life
  3. How Do Saints Hear Our Prayers?
  4. Mary’s Painless Delivery of Christ Explained
  5. Your Guardian Angel
  6. My Top 5 Daily Prayers
  7. Total Consecration to Mary
  8. 6 Items for the Liturgy of Your Life
  9. Why Did They Stop Teaching Virtue?
  10. What’s Your Apostolate? (2,354 downloads)


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  • Nick

    Well. I am on a iPhone, so maybe it is preventing me from seeing the “ask” button…

    So this question may be off topic but it is regarding the epiphany.

    What do u suppose the spiritual life of these 3 kings was… I suppose they knew nothing or little of the Jewish faith…

    I suppose they had their own kingdom of sorts and it is hard to believe that they were not some sort of a contentious relationship between kingdoms…

    What was the messiah they were seeking since even the Jewish people were seeking a messiah other than what they received in Jesus…

    What spiritual understanding would compel all 3 kings to surrender to the will of a star?

    Of course, thanks you for your response and of course if’n this question is theology 101 somewhere, assume safely that I skipped that class.

    The gist of my question is not a contrarian position but to find the beauty in such a remote event

    • Dear Nick,

      This is a great question. The Gentiles at this time (Roman and otherwise) were seeking the advent of divine redeemer for humanity. Even the pagan oracles prophesied of this.

      It was, as St Paul said, “the fulness of times.”

      There is a detailed account of this “heathen longing for Christ” in my book The Eternal City.

  • Sandy L.

    I enjoyed all the Podcasts…I am a member who appreciates the refreshing approach of Dr. Marshall. Sandy L.