13 Assumption of Mary Catholic Resources

Here are 13 Resources for you in time for the Assumption of Mary!

tomb of mary

Here are some interesting resources for you as we celebrate Our Lady’s Dormition and Assumption:

  1. What is the historical date of Mary’s Assumption?
  2. Did the Virgin Mary Die? The Answer May Surprise You (The majority tradition in Catholic history is that Our Lady did experience the separation of body and soul.)
  3. Audio: Mary as Assumed in Revelation 12 Podcast: Our Lady of the Apocalypse
  4. Did Christ receive an assumption or ascension or both?
  5. The year of the assumption according to Maria Agreda
  6. The Assumption of Saint Joseph – A forgotten tradition
  7. If you deny the Assumption – You have fallen away!
  8. Saint Gregory of Tours on the Assumption
  9. The Assumption of Mary in the Book of Psalms
  10. Does the Rosary Pre-Date Dominic?
  11. Mary’s Special Role over Purgatory
  12. Mary’s Empty Tomb Information
  13. Did Pope Pius XII Teach that Mary died? Yes he did


to Jesus through Mary,
Taylor Marshall

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