The Year of the Assumption of Mary according to Maria Agreda

Venerable Maria Agreda, in her Mystical City of God records that the Immaculate Mother of God survived her Divine Son 21 years and that she died peacefully at 3pm on Friday the 13th of August in the 21st year after the resurrection of Christ. Her glorious Assumption occurred three days later on Sunday the 15th of August.

Venerable Maria Agreda , The Bluebonnet of Texas

We find that AD 33 plus AD 21 yields AD 54 for the date of the Dormition and Assumption of Mary. However, when we confer with the Julian calendar calculator, we find that the Friday does not fall on the 13th of August in the year AD 54. Uh oh.

There is, however, a problem with the math in the preceding paragraph. Christ did not live out a full 33 years (he died in the middle of his 33rd year) and Mary did not live out a full 21 years beyond the resurrection of Christ our Lord. So we should not look for AD 54, but for AD 53.

And guess what. In the Julian AD 53, the 13th of August is a Friday and the 15th of August is Sunday.

If we are to trust the vision of Maria Agreda, AD 53 in the Julian calendar fits rather perfectly. I personally think that the year AD 63 is a better year for the Assumption, but this idea from Agreda is interesting.

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