Photos: Defending the Faith Conference

I just returned from the Applied Biblical Studies Conference at the Defending the Faith Conference at Franciscan University in Steubenville and I wanted to share some photos from the conference:

Below is a photo of the Eucharist Procession led by Fr Pablo Gadenz (I love how the Eucharist catches the light and glows in this photo):

2015-07-23 21.26.22

Below, the team for Applied Biblical Studies (Dr. Scott Hahn, Kimberly Han, Curtis Mitch, Fr. Pablo Gadenz, Dr. Ted Sri, Dr. Jeff Morrow, Rob Corzine, Dr. Lawrence Feingold, Dr. Taylor Marshall, Dr. Brant Pitre, Dr. Michael Barber):
2015-07-23 18.50.37

Below is one of my heros Dr. Peter Kreeft and me, Taylor. I’ve ready many of his books and I once picked him up from the airport when I was a Protestant seminarian. This is first time I’ve seen him since I became a Catholic. What a blessing!

2015-07-25 12.25.01

I couldn’t resist: #selfie with Scott Hahn. #nofilter

2015-07-25 23.37.57

Below, Jennifer Fulwiler took this #powerselfie with her, me, and…Patrick Madrid! The glory of Pat Madrid’s facial hair makes me wish that I still had my mustache!!!!


Below, photo with Ulf Ekman. Ulf and his wife Birgitta are my long lost Swedish family that I never knew (My grandfather is 100% Swede). Ulf is an amazing man. Before becoming Catholic last year, he was the pastor and and leader of one of the world’s largest Christian organizations in the world. Read about his massive conversion here. Ulf and Birgitta glow the love of Christ. I already miss them! I hope to go to Sweden one day and learn about Catholicism there.

2015-07-25 10.50.35

Here I am with the Mighty, Mighty Muskoxen of the New Saint Thomas Institute who were attending the Defending the Faith conference. I was so thrilled to meet so many student Members in person. We took this photo together. Thanks so much Muskoxen! (for those who might be confused, the academic muskox is the mascot of our New Saint Thomas Institute – we’re working on a virtual football team – not really).

2015-07-25 17.06.42

Below, me and Patrick Coffin from Catholic Answers Live, after book signings. Patrick has a whimsical and goofy sense of humor that you don’t always hear on the air. He also was doing magic tricks at the hotel bar. Cool. I learned that he once did a magic show for the birthday of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Can you imagine the voice of Catholic Answers Live doing magic tricks for the twins of Full House?!!!

2015-07-25 13.52.14

And below is Brant Pitre, a great scholar. I plan to interview him in the near future on my podcast, so stay tuned.

2015-07-24 13.11.48 HDR

I presented two messages at the conferences:

“Father Paul: Saint Paul was a Catholic Priest” and

“Saint Paul’s Theology of the Body: Saint Paul on Sexual Ethics.”

The best part of the last week was meeting so many on-fire Catholics who are studying, loving, and growing in their love for Jesus Christ, His Church, and His Gospel. To everyone I met, the team at Steubenville and to the Hahn’s for hosting: THANK YOU. It was a very blessed time.


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