Photo: Taylor’s Epic Handlebar Mustache Campaign

I’ve been growing a beard for November.

I shaved off the beard, but I left this rusty amber/brown “art of manliness” hipster, Victorian, handlebar mustache…Joy absolutely hates it! Joy only allowed it be on my face for 8 hours. See photo:

taylor marshall in mustache

Joy has submitted this Meme as the rebuttal of hairy upper lip art:

meme-most-interesting-man-in-the-world-but-when-i-do-its-while-im-shaving-my-beard-and-confirming-how-dumb-it-looks (1)

So I have started a list ditch campaign effort for the glory of the Movember mustache.

mustache_meme_by_bulbasauriero-d511t6y when-my-gf-asked-why-i-refuse-to-shave-my-mustache-24236 m commands me little boy mustache yo dawg mustache ronburgundy

Should I capitulate and allow her to decapitate my Movember mustache? Please leave a comment and vote the ‘stache. Commentary and analysis is encouraged.

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