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Podcast Archive
1,030 Did Pope Francis just approve Same-Sex Blessings? 10/03/2023
1,029 5 Cardinals Question Pope Francis on 5 Controversies 10/02/2023
1,028 🔥⛪️Polish Church burned after Priest Scandal! 09/27/2023
1,027 Glenn Beck vs. Joe Biden on Sign of the Cross in Public 09/26/2023
1,026 Pope Francis and Bill Clinton Meet Up 09/20/2023
1,025 SCANDALOUS! Is Pope Francis dismissing Bishop Strickland? 09/11/2023
1,024 Are we heading to Schism this Fall? Women Priests? 09/08/2023
1,023 Muslim Steals Catholic Eucharist – Archbishop Cites Vatican 2 09/06/2023
1,022 Pope Francis encourages Buddhists and Muslims in Mongolia 09/04/2023
1,021 Ex-Cardinal McCarrick Charges Dropped, judged unfit to stand trial on sexual assault charges 08/31/2023
1,020 Candace Owens married an Oxford Genius PART 2: George Farmer on Andrew Tate, loving Candace, Christ 08/24/2023
1,019 Candace Owens married an Oxford Genius PART 1: George Farmer on Marriage, Catholicism, Andrew Tate 08/24/2023
1,018 Did Mary Die? Dormition? Assumption? What do Catholics Believe? 08/15/2023
1,017 Trump Warns Catholics: FBI is after the Catholics 08/12/2023
1,016 Eucharistic Abuse at World Youth Day? Jesus in Plastic Crates. Plus interview 08/09/2023
1,015 Fulton Sheen on Fatima, Russia, Islam, and Third Secret 08/04/2023
1,014 Trump Pleads: “NOT GUILTY” – document of charges revealed 08/03/2023
1,013 Mayan Mass in Mexico: Bishops APPROVE IT! 08/02/2023
1,012 Jordan Peterson on Carrying the Cross 07/31/2023
1,011 Dr. Taylor Marshall Reviews “Sound of Freedom” Film 07/28/2023
1,010 Did Pope Francis validly Consecrate Russia? Dr. Marshall and Kennedy Hall Discuss 07/27/2023
1,009 Francis plans to meet Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill 07/27/2023
1,008 Viganò: Pope Francis wants Latin Mass Schism 07/25/2023
1,007 Pope Francis ACCUSED of 10 HERESIES, says priest 07/20/2023
1,006 🔥 Archbishop Vigano’s Twitter Rollercoaster: Kicked OFF, Restored 📣07/17/2023
1,005 Eduardo Verástegui: God’s Children are NOT for Sale: Interview on Sound of Freedom film SUCCESS! 07/16/2023
1,004 Tucker Carlson creates New Media Company…on Twitter? 07/14/2023
1,003 Pope Francis Meets Bill Clinton and S0r0s Jr. 07/12/2023
1,002 Will Pope Francis approve Same-Sex BLESSINGS at next Synod? w Fr Juan Razo & Dr. Taylor Marshall 07/07/2023
1,001 🔥 Scandal Alert: Pope Francis Appoints “OPEN-MOUTH 💋 KISS” Bishop to Oversee Doctrine at Vatican! 07/05/2023
1,000 Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Presidential 🇺🇸 Platform in 12 POINTS: Christ is King! 👑 07/04/2023
999 Pope Francis Honors evil PISS CHRIST Artist at Vatican 06/30/2023
998 Pope Francis investigates Bishop Strickland 06/26/2023
997 Elon Musk endorses Jim Caviezel’s film Sound of Freedom 06/26/2023
996 The INCORRUPT body of African-American Nun Sister Wilhelmina 05/24/2023
995 Have the LA Dodgers Offended Catholic Nuns? 05/23/2023
994 Vigano’s 3 Ways to Defeat Devil: Mass, Mary, Priesthood 05/22/2023
993 Zelensky Blacks-Out Jesus on Icon Offends Pope Francis and Christians! 05/17/2023
992 Trump vs. DeSantis on 6 Weeks after Conception 05/15/2023
991 Is getting drunk a sin? Do we worship Mary? Bible Q&A with Marshall Twins and Dr. Taylor Marshall 05/12/2023
990 Trump Sparks Chaos on CNN Townhall: How did he do it? 05/11/2023
989 Tucker Carlson Relaunches Show on TWITTER! Is it a bad idea? 05/10/2023
988 5 Ways Transhumanism is Directed to Your Kids 05/08/2023
987 Is Crowning of King Charles Good or Bad? Nuance? With Charles Coulombe! 05/06/2023
986 Is St Joseph the Worker a Communist or Anti-Communist Feast Day? 05/01/2023
985 Taylor and Jesse on Satanists “consecrate” Boston: Where are the Bishops? 04/30/2023
984 Dante’s INFERNO: What Lies at the Bottom of 9 Layers of HELL? 04/29/2023
983 What happened to the Jesuits? Fr David Nix and Dr. Taylor Marshall 04/28/2023
982 Pope Francis approves Abomination: Muslim-Jewish-Catholic House of Worship 04/26/2023
981 The Habsburg Way: Interview with Eduard Habsburg by Dr. Taylor Marshall 04/25/2023
980 Tucker Carlson leaves Fox News 04/24/2023
979 Was Satan Enthroned at Vatican in 1963? Dr. Taylor Marshall and E-Knock 04/21/2023
978 Pope Francis allows Fake Mass by Fake Bishop on Altar in Rome 04/20/2023
977 Elon and Tucker: AI May End Civilization 04/18/2023
976 Reverenda Karen vs. Dr. Taylor Marshall 04/17/2023
975 Taylor and Jesse: Tabernacle stolen from murdered Bishop O’Connell’s home 04/14/2023
974 Did Rep. Jim Jordan uncover FBI “tripwires” for Catholics? 04/11/2023
973 Holy Week Liturgies Before Vatican 2 and Pre-1955 (Morning or Evening times) 04/06/2023
972 Trump ARRESTED: Pleads “NOT GUILTY” to 34 felonies 04/05/2023
971 Trump Indicted – What does it mean for Christians? 03/31/2023
970 Do you fast for 40 hours on Good Friday? Ancient Christian practice revealed 03/30/2023
969 Was this an Anti-Christian Attack in Nashville? What we know and don’t know 03/28/2023
968 NEPHILIM in the Bible? Children of Demons? Expert explains GIANTS in Genesis and Book of Enoch 03/23/2023
967 Pope Benedict’s Secretary DESTROYED His Correspondence, supervises inheritance to heirs 03/22/2023
966 Donald Trump will be arrested: Latest Update 03/20/2023
965 Should Christians Perform Gay Marriages? Rev. Calvin Robertson objects 03/19/2023
964 Greta Thunberg deletes old tweet about human extinction by 2023 03/18/2023
963 Can angels become incarnate like Jesus? Bible Q&A LIVE with Dr. Marshall and Marshall Twins 03/17/2023
962 Jordan Peterson BLASTS the Pope 03/17/2023
961 Pachamama Returns! New “Ritual” in Brazil’s Synodality Mass 03/16/2023
960 Drew Barrymore kneels down to Dylan Mulvaney 03/14/2023
959 Will Antichrist Be Gay? Bible Q&A w Dr. Taylor Marshall and his daughters 03/10/2023
958 Joe Rogan’s 5 Objections to Jesus 03/09/2023
957 Bishop Cancels Latin Mass on Steubenville Campus, Effective Immediately 03/08/2023
956 Illumination of Conscience and 3 Days of Darkness in 5 Points 03/06/2023
954 10 Differences between Catholics and Protestants 03/02/2023
953 NFL Chiefs Super Bowl Kicker Harrison Butker on Faith and Field Goals 03/01/2023
952 Pastor Claims God is Gay: Is He Right? 02/27/2023
951 Bishops Defend Latin Mass with a Work Around 02/25/2023
950 Rosary with Dr. Taylor Marshall 02/24/2023
949 Ash Wednesday Talk with Jesse Romero and Dr. Taylor Marshall 02/22/2023
948 Pope Francis restricts Latin Mass IN PARISHES 02/22/2023
947 Catholic Bishop O’Connell found dead, LA Police say “suspicious” – What do we know? 02/19/2023
946 US Bishops Condemn FBI memo profiling Catholics 02/17/2023
945 Jesse Romero and Dr. Taylor Marshall go live 02/15/2023
944 UFO Aliens are Demons: New US Task Force for UFO is PsyOP 02/13/2023
943 LIVE ROSARY during Superbowl Halftime Show with Eduardo Verástegui and Dr. Taylor Marshall 02/13/2023
942 After Pope Benedict XVI died: Did he resign validly? with Dr. Ed Mazza 02/11/2023
941 FBI Retracts Anti-Catholic Surveilance Memo, but what about FBI policy? End the Trad Wars! 02/10/2023
940 Biden’s State of the Union 72% of viewers have positive reaction 02/09/2023
939 Satanic Grammys: Mocking what they deserve 02/07/2023
938 Prophecy Fulfilled? Pope Goes to Russia: Garabandal Interview with Glenn Hudson 02/06/2023
937 Shoot. Down. The. Chinese. Balloon. 02/03/2023
936 This Catholic Archbishop fires back at President Biden! 02/03/2023
935 End Times Prophecy: Pope & Putin in Russia, Is Garabandal correct? 02/02/2023
934 Joe Biden claims Pope Francis agreement on A-Word 02/01/2023
933 Ghey is Okay: Pope Francis and James Martin UNITE 01/31/2023
932 NYC’s New Idol is Mockery of Life 01/30/2023
931 Dr. Taylor Marshall reacts to Chuck E. Cheese Mass 01/28/2023
930 Can Pope Francis Ban the Latin Mass? 5 Quotes 01/27/2023
929 Creepy Artist Priest invited 2 nuns to “Trinity Three Way” – Protected by Francis? 01/26/2023
928 Pope Francis wants to legalize Sodomy 01/26/2023
927 Pope Benedict’s New Book, Latin Mass Ban, Sword and Serpent – with Kennedy Hall 01/24/2023
926 Gay Clubs in Seminaries: EXPLOSIVE new Pope Benedict Book! 01/24/2023
925 MADONNA MOCKS GOD and BABIES! 01/23/2023
924 Nancy Pelosi asked for Exorcism…here’s why 01/22/2023
923 Catholic Journalist George Neumayr died after murder warning 01/21/2023
922 Does Pope have a Secret Document in the works? 01/20/2023
921 Fr. Frank Pavone: Will Pope Francis reverse laicization decree? 01/17/2023
920 Mystery Cardinal Revealed (and now he’s dead) 01/13/2023
918 Pope Benedict says Time of the ANTICHRIST is NOW…Is the Pope right? 01/12/2023
917 Cardinal Pell has died in Rome – Dr. Taylor Marshall responds 01/10/2023
916 REVEALED: Last Spiritual Testament of Pope Benedict XVI 01/10/2023
915 END GAME: Cardinals Mobilizing against Pope Francis 01/09/2023
914 This Gender-Queer Priest Wants To “Normalize It For Children” 01/09/2023
913 Pope Francis meets with Cardinal Zen after Pope Benedict funeral! 01/07/2023
912 Was Pope Benedict FORCED to Resign? Breaking Information 01/06/2023
911 Faithful Denied Communion on Tongue at Pope Benedict’s Funeral 01/05/2023
910 Was President Biden told NOT to attend Pope Benedict’s Funeral? 01/04/2023
909 Pope Benedict XVI was “Heart-Broken” over Francis restricting Latin Mass 01/04/2023
908 Pope Benedict XVI died – What happens next? 12/31/2022
907 GET THE CATHOLIC BIBLE CHEAT SHEET: plus 2 more tools from Dr. Taylor Marshall 12/30/2022
906 Today’s Pope Benedict Update: “Lucid and Alert” 12/29/2022
905 Pope Benedict is “VERY ILL” 12/28/2022
904 Christmas Drag Shows for Kids? Take Kids to Church for Christmas! 12/24/2022
903 Viganò DEFENDS Fr. Frank Pavone against Pope Francis 12/23/2022
902 Viganò criticizes Trump for LGBT Gala 12/21/2022
901 Father Frank Pavone talks with Dr. Taylor Marshall about Vatican decree 12/20/2022
900 Father Pavone Responds to Pope Francis 12/18/2022
899 Why do we kiss under Mistletoe? 10 Christmas Traditions Explained w Dr Michael Foley and Dr Marshall 12/18/2022
898 Frank Pavone removed from Priesthood! What?! 12/17/2022
897 Liberal Catholic Church mandates Legal Waiver to Kneel for Communion 12/16/2022
896 This President put a Baphomet Goat Head in the White House… 12/15/2022
895 NEW: Gov. DeSantis just revealed a major vaccine investigation in Florida 12/14/2022
894 Why did Viganò call out George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and Bill Gates? 12/14/2022
893 Jordan Peterson: Why do Christians lower their standards? (Response to Bishop Barron) 12/13/2022
892 Did Pope Francis Watch Taylor Marshall’s Podcast and Restrict the Latin Mass over Pachamama? 12/10/2022
891 Ancient Apocalypse: Did Graham Hancock Rediscover Bible Truths? 12/08/2022
890 Is Elon Musk the Antichrist? Is Neurolink the Mark of the Beast? Revelation 13 and End Times12/07/2022
898 Jill Biden puts Baphomet Demon in White House as Christmas Decoration – Dr. Taylor Marshall 12/05/2022
897 Kanye West: “I like Hitler. He did good things.” Christian Response by Dr. Taylor Marshall 12/02/2022
896 Dr. Taylor Marshall On The Issue With Transhumanism with Steve Bannon 12/02/2022
895 10 Christian Boundaries for Narcissists with Fr Dave Nix and Dr Taylor Marshall 12/01/2022
894 Balenciaga is Satanic Fashion: Here are Examples 12/01/2022
893 Pope Francis Betrays Chinese Bishops Again – Jason Jones and Dr. Taylor Marshall 11/30/2022
892 Pope Francis’ Synod as Perpetual Vatican 2 – Matt Gaspers and Dr. Taylor Marshall 11/29/2022
891 Cardinal Zen and Riots in China with Jack Posobiec 11/28/2022
890 90 year old Cardinal Zen found GUILTY by Chinese court – Dr. Taylor Marshall 11/25/2022
889 Priest Guilty of Threesome atop Altar in Satanic Ritual 11/23/2022
888 Stop saying “Latin Mass is MORE REVERENT!” But why? 11/19/2022
887 12 Republicans help Democrats to pass Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ Bill 11/17/2022
886 Latin Mass (and Taylor’s Grover Moment) in New York Times article 11/16/2022
885 Are US Catholic Bishops Financing Enemies of Christ 11/15/2022
884 Red Wave Failed…Is there any hope? 11/15/2022
883 Andrew Tate is now Muslim and why he doesn’t like Christianity? 11/14/2022
882 Top 9 ancient words for sins? fornication, concubinage, lechery, harlotry, etc. 11/13/2022
881 Vatican Bank Auditor sues Pope Francis and Vatican for $10 million 11/10/2022
880 Most 18-29-year-olds voted for weed, LGBT+, abortion, and blue cities: Is the future degenerate? 11/09/2022
879 Red Wave Crashes on Democrats: House, Senate, Governors 11/08/2022
878 Blood Moon will appear over America on Election Day 11/07/2022
877 DJ Priest Desecrates the Holy Mass 11/06/2022
876 Pope Francis warns of Global War, 9 of 10 American fear violence 11/05/2022
875 Anne Hathaway: “ABORTION can be another word for MERCY.” 11/03/2022
874 Satanic Temple Hosts UNBAPTISM event in Tyler, Texas 11/02/2022
873 Do Men Prefer Traditional Catholicism and Latin Mass? with Elliott Hulse and Dr. Taylor Marshall 10/20/2022
872 Interview with a Real Exorcist Father Chad Ripperger on Diabolic Influence 10/19/2022
871 Pope Francis appoints Pro-Abort Atheist to Academy for Life 10/18/2022
870 Did Pope Francis just call for Vatican 3? Dr. Taylor Marshall examines Synodal Process 10/17/2022
869 Drag Queens in Church with Kids? Dr. Taylor Marshall Podcast 10/14/2022
868 UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten on #UFC, Catholic Rosary, Latin Mass with Dr. Taylor Marshall 10/12/2022
867 China and Pope Francis as allies? SAINT Christopher Columbus? Jack Posobiec & Dr Marshall 10/10/2022
868 Live Rosary with Dr. Taylor Marshall at 2pm CST for Oct 710/07/2022
867 The ROSARY is a WEAPON! 19 Powerful Saints’ Quotes about the Rosary with Dr. Taylor Marshall 10/07/2022
866 Is the Antichrist the Literal Son of Satan? 10/05/2022
865 Viganò: Freemasons HATE the Rosary! Here is why 10/03/2022
864 New Italian PM Giorgia Meloni loves JRR Tolkien and Chesterton 09/26/2022
863 Viganò SLAMS new Gay Blessings approved by Belgian Bishops 09/23/2022
862 Pope Francis throws Cardinal Zen to the wolves 09/20/2022
861 Pope Francis: God WILLS different RELIGIONS? 09/16/2022
860 Is King Charles III a Globalist Antichrist? A False King? Dr. Taylor Marshall 09/13/2022
859 German Bishops decree homosexual acts ‘NOT SINFUL’ – Dr. Taylor Marshall 09/12/2022
858 Joe Biden Appoints Satanist at White House Response Team 09/08/2022
857 Nerf Swords at Mass? Dr Taylor Marshall 09/06/2022
856 Joe Biden Declares War on MAGARepublicans 09/02/2022
855 Archbishop Viganò Attacks Pope’s Academy of Life for approving a-word 08/30/2022
854 Shia LaBeouf became Catholic after portraying Padre Pio in film, talks Latin Mass Dr Taylor Marshall 08/25/2022
853 Irish priest despairs over Traditional young priests | Dr Taylor Marshall 08/24/2022
852 Bishop Barron claims God fired Elijah the Prophet? Dr. Taylor Marshall responds (ecumenism) 08/20/2022
851 Rosary Labeled Extremist Symbol!!! by Atlantic Magazine – Dr. Taylor Marshall Responds 08/15/2022
850 Can Pope Francis Change Catholic Tradition? Dr. Taylor Marshall and Matt Gaspers discuss 08/12/2022
849 Pope Francis meets Transgender Guests of Rome 08/11/2022
848 Why Trump’s Home was raided by FBI 08/09/2022
847 Pope Francis invoking ‘sacred circle of spirits’ and Western Grandmother 07/29/2022
846 Priest Offers “Beach Raft Mass” on an Inflatable Raft – Dr. Taylor Marshall 07/26/2022
845 Pope Francis in Canada for Pagan ‘smudging’? 07/25/2022
844 Pope Francis: Eat Less Meat! 07/23/2022
843 Latin Mass: NO…But Pro-Abortion President: YES – DC Cardinal smashes TLM 07/22/2022
842 Did Cardinal Cupich NOT shut down Institute of Christ the King? 07/18/2022
841 Pope Francis: Biden’s support for abortion is his conscience 07/12/2022
840 Archbishop Vigano: Is FDA buying baby organs? 07/11/2022
839 Electric Slide Dance or “Walking with Jesus…this is the Synod way” – Dr. Taylor Marshall on Dance 07/07/2022
838 Pope Francis: Nancy Pelosi may receive Communion – Latest Interview 07/06/2022
837 What does the word “Fetus” Mean? What is a Fetus? Dr. Taylor Marshall explains 07/01/2022
836 Why is Pope Francis Obsessed with “Rigid” Latin Mass in new papal doc? DESIDERIO DESIDERAVI 06/30/2022
835 Nancy Pelosi meets Pope Francis; Attends Mass after Roe V. Wade overturn06/29/2022
834 Praise and Thank Mothers and Fathers to their face 06/29/2022
833 Sex-Strike over Roe V. Wade: Ladies, let’s up the stakes!!! Dr. Taylor Marshall makes bold proposal! 06/27/2022
832 The Left Pushed Too Hard and Lost Roe v. Wade: with Abby Johnson and Dr. Taylor Marshall 06/27/2022
831 The Demons Came Out after Roe v. Wade was Overturned! 06/25/2022
830 Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade on Sacred Heart Feast Day 06/24/2022
829 Two “Married Dads” Gave Sermon for Fathers Day in Mass in Catholic Church in Chicago 06/23/2022
828 Don’t Baptize on Hair! 9 Causes of Invalid/Doubtful Baptisms 06/20/2022
827 Young Catholics (avg 20 yrs) DESIRE Traditional Catholicism: Chartres Pilgrimage 2022 w Michael Matt 06/17/2022
826 Archbishop Viganò slams New Cardinals picked by Pope Francis 06/15/2022
825 Pope Francis: Not Accepting of Vatican II is ‘current problem’ in Church w Michael Matt & Dr M 06/14/2022
824 Chicago desecrates Mass with Bubbles and Dance Off 06/13/2022
823 Taylor talks Latin Mass in Paris, France at Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet SSPX 06/08/2022
822 Over 50 Christians Killed in Nigerian Catholic Church 06/06/2022
821 Bishop Barron Debate: Promoted or Demoted by Pope Francis? 06/03/2022
820 Dr. Marshall’s Pride Month Advice… 06/01/2022
819 Pope Francis Picks 21 New Cardinals: Who’s Who 05/31/2022
818 Is Christ Your Priest? Why did Christ Ascend with His Body? 05/26/2022
817 Archbishop Viganò: Novus Ordo should be ABOLISHED 05/23/2022
816 Abp Cordileone Bans Nancy Pelosi from Holy Communion – Dr Taylor Marshall 05/20/2022
815 Pope Paul VI on New Mass as “Novelty and Nuisance” in his own words 05/19/2022
814 Pope Francis Blames NATO ‘barking at Russia’s door’ for Ukraine War 05/16/2022
813 Stolen Tabernacle Found: Cracked Open 05/12/2022
812 5 Plans to Protect your Church from Attacks: Dr. Taylor Marshall with Joey Olivo 05/10/2022
811 Catholic Churches vandalized Over as Supreme Court Protest 05/06/2022
810 Plans to Invade Catholic Churches this Sunday as Supreme Court Protest 05/05/2022
809 3 Reasons why Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision was leaked early! 05/03/2022
808 Megan Fox drinks blood🩸 for “Ritual Purposes”: Theology of Vampires 04/28/2022
807 Francis Fatigue in Rome: Demos Memo to the Cardinals on Pope Francis 04/26/2022
806 How to Depose a Pope Suspected of Heresy or Tyranny – St Robert Bellarmine’s Instructions on Dr. TM 04/22/2022
805 Cardinal Burke Refused Entry to Vatican 04/19/2022
804 How to do Good Friday and Holy Saturday AT HOME 04/15/2022
803 Pope Francis to attend InterFaith meeting in Kazakhstan 04/14/2022
802 Viganò talks Francis, Trump/Biden, PLUS answers his Critics 04/12/2022
802 Viganò talks Francis, Trump/Biden, PLUS answers his Critics 04/08/2022
801 Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to U.S. Supreme Court 04/07/2022
800 Viganò asks Is Benedict XVI still Pope? Investigate his abdication and election of Francis 04/05/2022
799 Why are Catholic Politicians Liberal, Generally? 04/04/2022
798 Is Mel Gibson’s Passion Sequel “Resurrection” really happening? 03/31/2022
797 A Birthday Thank You 03/29/2022
796 Dr. Marshall Shares Opinion on Pope Francis Consecration of Russia: Is it Legit? 03/28/2022
795 Pope Francis’ MARY AS EARTH OF HEAVEN: Did Saints call the Virgin Mary “earth” 03/25/2022
794 Pope Francis Consecration to PACHAMAMA? tierra del cielo Controversy: What does it mean? 03/24/2022
792 Pope Benedict XVI will consecrate Russia with Francis 03/21/2022
791 Pope Francis invites ALL Bishops to consecrate Russia to Immaculate Heart 03/18/2022
790 Saint Patrick only said the Latin Mass: And Converted Pagan Ireland 03/17/2022
789 Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine (Will it Work?) 03/15/2022
788 God-centered or Man-Centered Mass? Interview with Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Dr. Marshall 03/14/2022
787 Viganò: Fatima, Russia, and Ukraine – Is he right? 03/11/2022
786 Thousands of Polish Men Kneel for Rosary: A Call to Catholic Men 03/09/2022
785 Confirmation Banana Song: What? Dr. Taylor Marshall 03/04/2022
784 Ukrainian Bishops Beg Pope Francis: CONSECRATE RUSSIA NOW! 03/02/2022
783 Lent Challenge: If You Need Encouragement, Watch This 03/01/2022
782 Guitar Mass: “Loving God, Rock with us as we Roll with you” 02/22/2022
781 Pope Francis meets with FSSP: about Latin Mass and Sacraments of 1962 02/21/2022
780 Holy Mary Conquers Satan: Jesse Romero on Satanism in Arizona? 02/17/2022
799 Francis is a Heretic, Part 2: from Trent, Catechisms, Popes 02/15/2022
798 Francis appoints a Heretic over Synod on Synodality 02/10/2022
797 Pope Benedict XVI apologizes after German abuse report 02/08/2022
796 Pope Francis teaches HERESY: Pope Pius XII condemned the heresy of Francis 02/03/2022
795 Father Jerry with iPhone on Altar leading breathing exercises at Mass 01/31/2022
794 Did Thomas Aquinas meet the Virgin Mary? plus 3 other Aquinas stories 01/28/2022
793 Was Pope Francis Hurt as an Altar Boy? Bergoglio’s Origin Story as a Latin Mass Altar Boy 01/27/2022
792 Pope Francis’s Plan for 2022 Restriction on Traditional Latin Mass 01/24/2022
791 Pro Choice Projection on Catholic Basilica! 01/21/2022
790 Is Novus Ordo the Mass of the Early Church? 01/20/2022
789 Pope Francis Met with Pfizer CEO in 2021 secretly 01/18/2022
788 Taylor Marshall on FoxNews with Rachel Campos-Duffy on “SatanClubs” and Infiltration 01/17/2022
786 Why were ALL 7 Sacraments CHANGED after Vatican 2? 01/12/2022
785 Cardinal Cupich Heckled at Chicago March for Life 01/10/2022
784 Protest of Satan Convention with Jesse Romero and Dr. Taylor Marshall 01/05/2022
783 They Mock Christ in the Liturgy 01/04/2022
782 5 Tips for a STRONG Catholic 2022 01/03/2022
781 Catholic Challenge: Read ENTIRE BIBLE in a Year, Let me help you accomplish this lifetime goal! 01/01/2022
780 Cupich Contradiction at Christmas Chaos: Restricts Latin Mass but Promotes Creative Mass 12/30/2021
779 Cardinal Cupich restricts Latin Mass on Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and First Sundays! 12/27/2021
778 Will Pope Francis Restrict FSSP? Does Vatican document apply to FSSP? 12/20/2021
777 Pope Francis Declares War on Traditional Catholics, Latin Mass, and the Roman Rite 12/18/2021
776 Latin Code Word in Advent Antiphons 12/17/2021
775 Why 7 Lessons on Ember Saturday? 12/15/2021
774 Are Advent Wreaths Protestant? Uh Oh… 12/14/2021
773 Taylor Marshall reads Saint Lucy Legend 12/13/2021
772 What if bishops taught the Faith weekly? 12/11/2021
771 Popes, Sede Vacante, Donatism, and Constantine 12/10/2021
770 Did Pope Francis Deny Immaculate Conception? 12/08/2021
769 Pope is a Heretic: shouts Greek Priest to Pope Francis 12/06/2021
768 Santa Claus vs. St Nicholas: Does Santa Bastardize the Real St Nick? 12/06/2021
767 Will FRANCIS Ban 6 of 7 Sacraments in Traditional pre-V2 form? 12/02/2021
766 Damaged Notre Dame Modernized as Emotional Spaces 11/29/2021
765 Why are Mary and Eucharist the 2 most debated topics in Christianity? 11/28/2021
764 Bishops Protect Biden: Catholic version of Let’s Go Brandon Dr Marshall Podcast 11/23/2021
763 Bishop Barron elected Chairman on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth 11/17/2021
762 Pope Francis calls for Dialogue with All Religions 11/16/2021
760 Should Women Veil in Church at Mass? 11/12/2021
759 Did Francis Ban Traditional Easter Vigil, Triduum in Rome? Pope Francis Implements his Motu Proprio 11/10/2021
758 Why Does Church Contain Evil People? An Enemy Has Done This! 11/08/2021
757 Did Joe Biden Poop His Pants with Pope Francis? Suit analysis 11/05/2021
756 TWO Latin Prayers for the Dead: How to Pronounce and What they Mean 11/02/2021
755 5 Reasons to pray for the Dead in Purgatory 11/02/2021
774 All Demons vs. All Saints: Fatima is the Secret 11/01/2021
773 Pope Francis told Biden ‘keep receiving Communion’ and ‘I was a good Catholic’ 10/30/2021
772 Pope Francis’ Martin Luther statue: Mrs. Butterworth or Chocolate Bunny? 10/30/2021
771 Pagan Feather Ceremony inside a Church? What’s a Smudge Feather? 10/28/2021
770 Pope Francis appoints Reproduction Rights expert Jeffrey Sachs to Vatican Academy 10/27/2021
769 Dr Marshall reviews Francis Synodal Mass: Paganism? Inculturation 10/25/2021
768 Do you have a child or friend who left the Catholic Faith? 5 ways to help bring them back 10/22/2021
767 Pope Francis has a Corruption Problem (and Cardinal Becciu is at the center) 10/21/2021
766 Viganò: New World Order Religion Threatens Society 10/18/2021
765 Did Pope Francis just begin Vatican III? Synodality as Third Vatican Council 10/15/2021
764 Freemason Handshake? Pope Francis and Nancy Pelosi Display Odd Handshake 10/12/2021
763 Texas A&M Upset #1 Alabama AFTER Priests Bless Field with Holy Water (College Football) 10/11/2021
762 Top 10 Lies/Heresies about Jesus Christ, PLUS what is “heresy”? 10/08/2021
761 Top 10 Facts about the Rosary 10/08/2021
760 Pope Francis vs. Cardinal Becciu: Vatican Bank Money Laundering in 10 Facts 10/05/2021
759 Should Traditional Catholics be Negative? How do we rebuild? What are the spiritual weapons? 10/03/2021
758 Flat Earth in Bible? Does Bible teach flat earth or globe? 09/30/2021
757 Pope Francis Thanks God for Evil President of Ireland 09/28/2021
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