Snapshot of my Life on Sept 27, 2013

Here’s a snapshot of my life as of today.

Outside my window…

Irving, Texas. 72 degrees. It’s beautiful, but my fall allergies are killing me.

Today so far…

Eggs and biscuits. I drove the kids to school. We pumped it up with the 80s tribute dance song “Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities. Tonight is Marshall Family Dance Party on the back porch.

I am thankful…

For my woman, my children, my home, , my faith in Christ, and my exciting life.

I’m grateful to Adam Anderly who is creating an awesome website for the New Saint Thomas Institute.

I am thinking about…

Troops of Saint George. We’re going to be promoting it a lot more in the months to come. We were recently sent a “cease and desist” from the Boy Scouts of America. We’ve responded and we’re moving forward!

I’m also thinking about improving the user interface at the New Saint Thomas Institute.

On the blog…

I feel that it’s changing. I’m focusing posts on Wednesday to the new podcast. I think Fridays will be “casual day” with more personal posts, like this one.

I am creating…

Tommy the Muskox – the mascot of the New Saint Thomas Institute. In case you missed the goofball post about our new amazing, powerful, hard-headed, inspiring and smelly mascot, you can read about him by clicking here.

Here’s a picture of our new mascot on our New Saint Thomas Institute t-shirt. Click on the shirt if you want to get one:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 1.12.02 PM

You can even choose your own shirt colors!


Tommy the Muskox looks cool and reminds me of those creatures from Star Wars. You know, the one that the Sandpeople rode upon:

sand people animal

Is this the great-grandfather of Tommy the Muskox?

The New Saint Thomas Institute is like a members think-tank for those on the same journey. Since the courses are in video format, I can have a little more fun with it. If you want to learn philosophy and theology, become a better Christian, and cultivate a positive, upbeat, supernatural outlook – then New Saint Thomas is for you.

We’ll open up 499 spots for students at the beginning of October.

If you want to be part of early registration in order to reserve your spot, click here.

I am reading…

Adam Anderly has me reading Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson of 37 Signals. It’s a book on the philosophy of working. It has some tech geek stuff it, but it’s intriguing and has me re-analyzing my philosophy of “work flow.”

I like how the book emphasizes that “group meetings” are a waste of time, and that sleep is very important for keeping your mind innovative and creative. In my podcasts I talk about the importance of “sleep” in order to achieve excellence.

I am praying…

For a stronger Church. This past week I’ve realized that we need to pray and try to convert more people to Christ our Lord.

Our family is also praying for pregnant ladies.

Praying for my wife and children as usual.

I am listening to…

Spotify. Still enjoying it.

Confession: I haven’t been listening to Baroque music like I intended.

I also bought Si Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty fame) book on audible: Si-Cology. I haven’t begun it yet but I’m looking forward to it:

si robertson bok

Clicking around…

Wikipedia. Beyond that, I haven’t been on the net much this week.

Around the house…

The Suburban has a flat tire. I ran over a kid bike and it popped the tire. I can’t be patched.

One of my favorite things…

Observing the children when they don’t know I’m watching. This morning I listened to Jude (7 years) playing guitar and singing along in his room all alone. So cute.

A few plans for the next week…

Tonight is family dance night. On Saturday, I’m speaking at St Monica’s Catholic Church in Dallas on Saturday at 6:30. If you’re in the area, please join us. I’ll be talking about topics relating to my book The Crucified Rabbi. Holy Mass on Sunday at Mater Dei Catholic Church – Extraordinary Form.

Rabbi Look Inside


Y’all have a blessed weekend!

Question: What are you doing this weekend? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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  • Denise

    I am appalled that the Boy Scouts have sent you a notice to “cease and desist” I guess they corner the market on boy’s clubs? Good grief.

    Family Dance Night…that is too cool!

    Duck Dynasty….I lived in Monroe/West Monroe from 1974-1992, except for the 6 months I lived on the Apache Reservation in AZ. doing Mission work with my parents. Anyway, I have a dear friend that lives in WM, La. and when he purchases something with Duck Dynasty, he takes photos and sends them to us Texans. I guess I was a little shocked to see it here, which is great.

    Keep praying for the Church, and keep loving and respecting your wonderful wife and those precious children. They are all very fortunate to have a husband and dad like you.

    God Bless

  • I love this! Your blog posts about your family life are precious! Outside my window in a “mountain hamlet” in Virginia it’s 62 degrees and sunny! I am thankful for so many things, especially my first granddaughter who will be a year old this Monday! I’m praying for Our Holy Mother Church and Papa Francis…that we all may recognize that it is a time of mercy and healing. I am thankful and blessed by you, Dr. Marshall, and Joy and your children. I am seeing others your age in my own parish with more babies and children and it is beautiful to behold. Thank you for everything you do to further The Kingdom! Peace, blessings and prayers for you all!

    • 62 degrees in Virgina. I just love Virgina. We lived there 2006-2007. McLean Virginia outside DC.

      • Ah…NOVA! My family, what is left of them, just moved from there in June. Actually, Centreville, probably no more than 17 miles from McLean (still Fairfax County), but on I-66, it could take days to get there 🙂 I have lived all over this beautiful state, born and grew up in the central area (Lynchburg, Charlottesville area) and now in the rougher mountains near TN, NC border. After becoming Catholic, I find that I can be happy anywhere my husband’s job takes us. So very different than before! Blessings for your lovely weekend, Dr. Marshall!

  • Mike

    Hi Dr. Marshall. I have an idea for you that I’ve thought about for some time that I thought you might be able to use in your work. This came up in our local parish because I think a lot of families do not have a practical model on ideas of how to pray with and educate their families/children. Surprisingly, many families do not pray before they eat or go to bed. They don’t know that they can’t just send their kids to CCE for them to learn the faith, but they have to actively teach them daily.
    So, here’s my idea: find a number of families that are doing it right and propose them as models. You know, of course, that to do it right it takes a lot of creativity. For some it’s best to pray in the car on the way to school, for others, another time. Why not create adaptable models for people that also proposes minimum standards for prayer/catechesis? This could even include remote preparation for prayer, like limiting TV and video games, etc. All kinds of tips, but included in more systematic models aimed at types of families.
    Just an idea. I’ve thought about it because my wife and I have to be pretty creative to start habits that both catechise and pray with our children.

  • Adam

    From the other side of the planet in Cairo, the weekend here began on my balcony over the Nile with a “Sundowner” with a couple of Egyptian friends (Coptic Catholics) whose cheerfulness in adversity never ceases to amaze me. Now we’re sitting in the dark with power cuts occurring more and more frequently as street battles wreck havoc on daily life. Fridays, the Muslim holy day, are always the worst with hatred and rage aimed at an unseen enemy, Christians, who must lock themselves inside today.

    Egypt is becoming another Syria, God help us, as sectarian violence increases, so Christians and foreigners become more fearful. In the past month, over 80 churches burned to the ground, 20 Catholic schools destroyed and hundreds of businesses ruined, priests killed, as well as countless Christian families left homeless refugees.

    Life here is a high-wire act without a safety net. It needs a lifetime to learn how to keep the balance, if ever. Sometimes, one step backwards, two steps forward. Still, we persevere. I’m reminded of Pascal’s words on the human condition: “We run carelessly to the precipice, after we have put something before us to prevent us seeing it.”

    The little acts of mercy we each must try to make now in times of persecution surely must count for more than in times of ease. And choosing to act compassionately towards the forgotten faithful in their time of need, God will never forget. On the Day of Judgment, Jesus says: “Whatever you did for the least of my brothers, you did for me.” (Mt 25:40).

    Pray for us. Kyrie eleison.

  • DonnaRuth

    Thanks for the window into your world! Since you asked, here’s a bit of mine: It’s 22 degrees Celsius (that’s about 72 F in the USA :^)) with a brilliant blue sky outside my Ontario, Canada window on a Friday afternoon. We are so grateful for the glorioso autumn days of the past week (and a promise of at least another week of the same. It does not take much to make a Canadian’s heart sing).

    I am thinking about the distress in the Middle East, as well as the turmoil of our Church within the last week – and praying for Pope Francis, our Church, and the Middle East. I am creating some iPad Sketchbook cartoons to send to our 3-year-old granddaughter who has decided to abandon her potty and revert to diapers – to the deep consternation of her parents. Hoping that Winnie the Pooh and Piglet seated atop bathroom thrones might inspire her :^D

    I am reading Ralph Martin’s, Will Many Be Saved; Peter Kreeft’s, Catholic Christianity; and Khaled Husseini’s, And the Mountains Echoed – each inspirational in its own way.

    This weekend we hope to enjoy Saturday (and, of course, Sunday) morning Mass and the happy Saturday morning breakfast club with dear friends, clean up our bedraggled autumn gardens, and perhaps play a bit of golf. Oh, and my favorite thing is the joy and privilege of being around six grandchildren ages 9 mos to 6 yrs. Deo Gratias on so many fronts!

  • Kari

    We are organizing an Investiture (sp?) for the Brown Scapular Society. Our Deacon is taking such a prayerful stand on this for us, it’s amazing. 2 sessions on all that it means and 2 wks of discernment. I encourage everyone to look into enrollment. We are in such need of the Blessed Mothers intercession. Mother of God, pray for us.

  • Darren

    I will be doing homework tonight, and tomorrow at my Mother’s day-care center, shampooing the carpets. Around midday a meeting with my Spiritual director talking about my prayer life and the best devotions (thinking of Fatimas First Saturday’s) for a college student. Later, doing house work like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, laundry, etc.. I hope to end the night with a couple hours Adoring Jesus at a Perpetual Adoration Chapel near-by. Finally, Sunday go to the Mass and celebrate!

  • Ed

    Heard you speak tonight at St. Monica’s and was inspired by your faithfulness, brilliance and humor ( to name just a few!). I can’t wait to download your books and learn more. You have a gift.

  • JohnW

    Dr. Marshall, After Mass I went on a day trip (alone) to the Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD, and then out for supper. Tomorrow I’ll be singing in a schola at High Mass. Please pray for me, that I can have a family or do whatever is God’s will for me.

  • Belle

    As a lifetime Catholic I am delighted that as a convert you have made a” business”- thriving and getting paid for- of our Church. No longer an Episcopal “cleric” you can no longer make a salary from them to support your lovely family– however with any luck- Pope Francis MAY decide to allow married clergy to remain from the Episcopal Church in a more active paying role.
    . I do have to hand it to you the T-shirts ARE cute and then there are the St. Geo. Scouts.. which I think are a terrible idea. This is because IF we are “Catholic “exclusive” there is NO chance whatever of getting young converts into our church period. Many young men have joined the Catholic church as Boy Scouts or through this movement as troops have met at Catholic parishes and have been OPEN to all. Granted the Boy Scouts are no longer “the best” but then neither are St. Geo. Scouts.. except to make you more money. Well my hat is off to you Taylor for your amazing commercial savy .