419: Is Benedict XVI still the Pope? Did Pope Benedict XVI Fully Resign the Papacy or Just a Part of It? [Podcast]

Please share this video on Twitter or Facebook: President Donald Trump wants churches back open. Fr James Martin SJ, disagrees. Did Pope Benedict XVI Fully Resign the Papacy or Just a Part of It? Dr. Taylor Marshall and Dr. Ed Mazza discuss a controversy at the FIRST VATICAN COUNCIL regarding whether the Papacy is de facto the Bishop of Rome or not. Dr Ed Mazza then explores the sayings and words of Ratzinger-Benedict showing that Ratzinger seems to be believe that “being Pope” is not the same as “being incumbent bishop of Rome”? This raises the question, “Can a man be Pope and not the Bishop of Rome?” Dr. Ed Mazza lays out the information and tries to provide an answer to this complicated question?
Taylor Marshall’s book: Infiltration: The Plot to Destroy the Church from Within: https://amzn.to/35fGp6k
Dr. Edmund Mazza is host of The Bar of History on VirginMostPowerfulRadio.org. He is the author of The Scholastics & the Jews from Angelico Press. His videos can be seen at the Discover Christ YouTube channel.

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