New Catholic Book of Revelation Free Course

You voted on a Catholic Revelation podcast series, and the results are in: We are doing a multi-series free course via audio/mp3 on the Book of Revelation through my podcast! I wanted to share an outline of the book of Revelation and tell you what you can expect.

I realize that many of you are not yet into podcasts – but they’re so easy, fun, and informative. I listen to podcasts daily. It’s like a recorded audio program or audio book. It’s a recording of my teaching with some snazzy music, some occasional special effects, and perhaps a guest cameo appearance of Will Smith – seriously, Will Smith will show up in segment 2 of this Revelation Catholic podcast!

Revelation to John

Our past episodes on “Catholic View of the End Times” and “666 and the Mark of the Beast” were heavily downloaded so we’re producing even more – an entire series, chapter by chapter. Best of all, it’s a free resource on an interesting topic: the end of the world!

You can expect a Catholic, liturgical, biblical, Patristic treatment of the Book of Revelation (BOR). I’ll be covering the Preterist, Historical, and Futurist interpretation of the apocalypse – don’t worry I explain these terms in the first course.

Look for a pdf printable outline of the Book of Revelation in the next few days. I’ll send it out to my Catholic email list. If you’re already on my email list, you’ll get it automatically. If you’re not yet on my list and you want this resources, you can join by clicking here.


How do you get this free Catholic audio/mp3 podcast course on the Book of Revelation? It’s easy as 1-2-3:

  1. First, Click here to go to iTunes “Taylor Marshall Catholic Show”
  2. Secondly click, “View in iTunes”iTunes_-_Podcasts_-_Taylor_Marshall_Catholic_Show_by_Taylor_Marshall
  3. Thirdly, click and select “Subscribe.”

Presto, you are signed up. Wasn’t that easy! You’ll get the free class automatically on your phone, tablet, or computer as it comes out weekly.

Also, make sure you’re signed up on my email list as I will be giving away some downloadable resources on the book of Revelation. You can sign up for my free Catholic email updates (and get a free book) by clicking here.

[Dear Android users. I am not an Androider, but I love you, too. Please leave a comment and tell me how to best make podcasts available to Android users. Thanks so much!]

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  • Anne Wirth

    I’m an android user . . . and I don’t use iTunes. Is there any other way to listen to the podcasts? Are there YouTube posts or other way?

    • Dr. Marshall keeps a podcast list onsite. If you look at the top of this page about the middle, where it says “Weekly Podcast”, that’s the link you need.

      He may add this course to the list at some point, but I’m not sure about that. Most (maybe all?) of his podcasts have pages and links here at his blog, so you can listen to them right here (and there’s a download link on those pages too).

      Hope that helps. Cheers!

      (Sorry for the double post. I put the link in the original reply and that sent my reply to Comment Limbo.) 😉

  • Lyncmar

    I don’t use iTunes either. I usually download the podcasts to my computer. It would be easier to download from this page.

  • Mary Edwards

    Podcasts are all very well, but of no use whatever to persons like myself who are deaf and can’t understand unless they can lip read. How about a transcript as well?

  • I have iTunes installed on my computer, but every time I but every time I click “View in iTunes,” as you instruct us to do, a page comes up telling me I have to install iTunes. I’ve installed it three times, but this keeps happening. I’m looking forward to listening to the podcasts some other way.

  • kgh111861

    Dr. Marshall, I’m not an iTunes user, but i do want to let you know that I’m able to access your TM Show podcasts as well as an old series you did on St. Paul as a Catholic via my Android using the Pocket Casts app available from the Google Play Store. I’m not a techie and don’t know how much of that information I just gave you is relevant, but my point is that so far a good bit of your material is indeed available through Android/Google Play, so whatever you did to make them so just do it again….

  • A follow-up to my earlier message. I managed to resolve the problem as follows: I have iTunes installed on my computer, but the instructions in the e-mail from Taylor Marshall didn’t work for me. In order to subscribe, what I had to do is this: 1. Opened iTunes, 2. Wrote “Taylor Marshall” in the Search Box, 3. When the page came up, clicked on the image of Taylor, 4.The option to subscribe then appeared beneath the image, and I was able to click on it. I’m now subscribed.

  • Andrea

    That’s awesome, Taylor! Looking forward to it.

  • magissearch

    Setting up an RSS feed with links to the podcast on your website would work with Android. And give you a new way to reach people to boot!

  • Bud

    I use BeyondPod to download and listen to your podcast. I think I found it on amazon, and I think I had to pay a small amount to get it.

    • Angelo J. Sandoval

      It’s free in the Google Play Store.

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Can’t wait to hear it!

  • johnnysc

    Is there an RSS feed url? I have Radio Downloader and if an RSS feed url is available I would be receive the podcasts that way.

  • Kim

    Android users can download the Podcast Republic app (and maybe other podcast apps, not sure) and subscribe. That’s how I listen. 🙂