Your 10 Bonuses (and Free Book) Will Expire in 24 Hours

This is just a friendly reminder that our Guadalupe special offer for new Members to our New Saint Thomas Institute ends in 24 hours (3pm on Dec 12).

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If you’re thinking about joining NSTI, please do not miss this bonus offer.*

Here is what you’ll get for signing up today:

  1. Ebook version (pdf) of my most popular book The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholicism (retail $14.95)
  2. I’m giving you the “How to Learn and Pronounce Latin” Course (valued at $197) for FREE (live on Dec 12). Combining the book  above and these Latin courses, that’s over $210 in value – for free when you sign up.
  3. My mp3 presentation on the Theology of Saint Joseph: Josephology
  4. My mp3 presentation on “How we Lost Catholic Masculinity and How We Can Regain It”
  5. My mp3 presentation on “How to Pray the Rosary Daily” (live on Dec 12)
  6. Bonus Courses on Learning Logic
  7. Access to our Member Forum where I and others answer your questions.
  8. Thomas Aquinas Reading list (Bibliography)
  9. Outlines to the Summa theologiae
  10. Full access to all previous high-definition video courses. This means literally hours of interesting college-like courses in theology delivered to your computer.

* Current previously enrolled Members will receive the bonuses automatically.

Not only do you get the 10 bonuses above, you’ll also receive all the standard features of the New Saint Thomas Institute:

  1. December’s video courses will feature our Blessed Virgin Mary and Mariology
  2. 1 or 2 HD quality video courses come out every Tuesday – what we call “Thomas Tuesdays”
  3. Watch the courses in your own home on a computer, iPad, tablet, or mobile device.
  4. You can watch the courses on your time. No deadlines. No papers. No tests. No schedules. Learn how and when you want to learn.
  5. Master Courses – theological courses
  6. Life Lessons – practical course, for example, “How to examine your conscience”
  7. Screencasts – walk you through how to read the Summa
  8. Expert Interviews – interviews with experts in their field
  9. I give you the notes, so you don’t have to take notes
  10. Quit any time. No semester long contracts. It’s month to month.
  11. Tuition is ridiculously inexpensive for the time being: currently $25 per month (compare this to conservative Catholic college tuition at about $2,100 per class).
  12. If you enroll in the New Saint Thomas Institute before December 12 (Thursday/Our Lady of Guadalupe), you can take all the previous 17 video courses for October/November, plus receive the 10 bonuses above.

We estimate the value of all the academic material and bonuses is worth well over $1,200.

You get it all for $25 by being an early adopter to our Institute and joining before Dec 12. You will also be able to keep your $25 intro tuition locked in forever before it goes up to around $40. And if want to quit later, you can keep the bonuses and the book!

So if you’re still on the fence, today is the time to join the New Saint Thomas Institute before the tuition goes up and you miss out on the bonuses. It takes just a few quick seconds to sign up.

Learn how to become an NSTI Member by clicking here.

to Jesus through Mary,

PS: New Member J. Griffith wrote me saying:

I signed up for the New Saint Thomas Institute; best decision I could have made to help my faith. Well done.”

Hundreds of our Members are finding the New Saint Thomas Institute to be tremendously valuable. Please join us. We have students in 15 nations and on every single continent (except for Antarctica).

You can read more NSTI Member testimonials by clicking here.

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  • Lorraine G

    I’ve been trying to sign up since I got this post in email yesterday, but keep getting an error message when I click on “enter payment details.” It says “Sorry, but the initial checkout page did not load. Please refresh the page.” I’ve gotten completely out and then back in to try to redo it, but continue to get the same message. Still getting the same message when I tried again this morning. Anyone else having this problem?

  • Pacelli1917

    I missed out on the opportunity. Is the presentation on Josephology a project for a future ebook? That would be really interesting.

  • Guadalupe

    Thanks for the offer. I was able to sign up yesterday, Dec.12, 10am Pacific time. I got an e-mail that I have a new account w/ NSTI. But two hours later & today, 13th, I got e-mails with this kind of notice: -Your free e book and bonuses will expire in 24 hours, 3pm Dec.12-.
    Does that mean that I can loose my bonus & free book if I do not download in 24 hours, eventhough I signed up before the offer expired?
    Please advise.
    Thank you.