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What are our Members saying about the New Saint Thomas Institute?

Here is what the Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute are saying about what they are learning inside the New Saint Thomas Institute:

I signed up for the New Saint Thomas Institute; best decision I could have made to help my faith. Well done.” – J Griffith

I can already tell that this Institute is going to be a great aid to me in my weekly encounters!” – Nathan

The NSTI is an answer to decades of prayer. Thank you.” – Kathryn

The NSTI (New Saint Thoms Institute) is fantastic! If I can understand St. Thomas Aquinas and the Summa Theologica (well..I’m learning)…then Taylor Marshall is one fantastic professor. Seriously, you need to check it out! – Terry

Wow, this website is awesome. Something I always was looking for and now so easy to find and great explanations for the answers from St. Thomas. This is why I signed up! Thanks Dr. Marshall. – Christine

Thank you Dr. Marshall! I have a Masters Degree from an incredibly great university, but it was always assumed that we just knew how to read the Summa…I sort of figured it out and stumbled through it…but you have illuminated it for us! Keep up the awesome work of God! – Derek

Yes, I was intimidated and overwhelmed before, but this gives me a great way to tackle the Summa and not feel like I’m drowning. – Leslee

I’ve purchased several books, in addition to the Summa, as springboards to studying it, but I was unable to get off the starting block because I felt inadequate to the task. Then, by the grace of God, I came across the New St. Thomas Institute and had a chance to enroll as a charter member. After listening to Taylor’s video introductions and knowing that I’ll have access to the Forum and online help, the sky’s the limit! – Patricia

This class is an answer to prayer. I am in graduate school at a Catholic University and expected this type of lesson and conversation, but, sigh, not. I love the format, as well as the topic. Thanks again. – Colleen

I’m learning who I am already. Wow..these lessons are blessings from God. Things are getting much clearer.  Thanks again…:) – Pat

You know, I went to a good high school. Got three degrees, summa cum laude. Yet never once did I encounter the Trivium and Quadrivium in anything other than passing references. My extensive education is in many ways far inferior to basic medieval instruction. On the one hand I find this deeply discouraging, but on the other, that’s exactly what we’re here at the New Saint Thomas Institute in order to rectify! – Ryan

I am a student Brother in the Dominican order. I have signed up for the institute and am already taking advantage of the videos provided. Let me stress how impressed I am with the institute and the many resources I have seen so far. Thank you for popularizing St. Thomas and being an advocate for sound theology on line. This is exactly what the Church needs at this moment in history. – Br. Bradley Thomas Elliott, O.P.

I’m super excited about this! What a great endeavor! – Debora

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