Scotch Whisky is the "Extraordinary Form" of Alcohol: My Interview with The Whiskey Catholic

Michael Reer at the “Whiskey Catholic” recently interviewed me about the Latin Mass, being a Catholic gentlemen, and, of course, my favorite whiskeys.

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In a previous post, I compared the Latin Mass to beer: You have to drink it in a few times before you begin to like it, but once you acquire the taste, there’s no going back. Well, in this interview, I had to upgrade the analogy: When it comes to alcohol, scotch whisky is the “extraordinary form.”

Here’s a sample from the interview with the Whiskey Catholic:

Can you share your thoughts on virtuous drinking?

TRM: Virtuous drinking involves male friendship, plain and simple. It’s usually a time for men to remove themselves from the company of women that they love and sit together around a fire pit, in the darkness, or on the back porch. Some of the most meaningful conversations that I have had with my father, my brother, and my friends have been over a Scotch. Real relationships are forged. It’s a beautiful thing.

Please read the entire interview, and let’s drive some traffic over to the Whiskey Catholic.

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