Dr Marshall’s Happy Meal: Traditional Catholic Books You Must Own

Many people rediscover traditional theology, traditional liturgy, and traditional piety. They want to go to the next step. “What books should I buy?” Dr Marshall recommends these 8-10 books as the Traditional Happy Meal:

Latin Mass and Liturgy:

You need the 1962 hand missal because that’s what is stipulated in Summorum Pontificum, but everyone realizes that the 1955 Holy Week of Bugnini is inferior and thus you also need a pre-1955 hand missal. These are my favorites:

If you want to pray the old traditional office, it can be intimidating. Traditionally, the laity prayed the Little Office instead. This the traditional format with Latin/English:

Canon Law:

Sacred Scripture:

If you want Latin:

Theology, Prayer, and Catechism:

Video on why you need THIS VERSION of the Summa:

You don’t need all these books, but every Catholic home should have these books as references on the bookshelf.

Dr Taylor Marshall

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