Why we need St Joseph in 2018! (Hint: Lack of Leadership)

2018 is a difficult time for all us: because we plagued by confusing leadership – both in the Church and in politics. 

Some of our moral and political leaders are either practicing or approving of moral lifestyles that do not conform to natural law: same sex attraction, divorce, child abuse, sexual immorality, adult film industry, etc. We recently had an Archbishop convicted in Australia, and the entire Bishops Conference of Chile offered their resignation to the Pope in light of scandal.

We need Saint Joseph in 2018! Here’s why:

  1. First, Saint Joseph is the ultimate human father. There was never a better human father and leader than Saint Joseph. If the world has “daddy issues,” he can help.
  2. Second, Saint Joseph is known traditionally as the “Terror of Demons.” Evil flees before the gaze of Saint Joseph. He is the chaste and holy father-figure of Christ. He protects like a good father.
  3. Third, Saint Joseph is the official Patron of the entire Catholic Church. He is the true celestial patron and guardian of the Body of Christ – both in history with the Christ Child and now the Body of Christ as the universal Church.

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Dr Taylor Marshall

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