How to Make Your Best Confession using 7 Deadly Sins as Guide

Are you discouraged? Have you lost your energy? Did you lose that kick in your step?

If you want more JOY in your life, then you need to experience more forgiveness…

The best way to experience this joyful mercy (especially before Easter) is go to confession. Most of us received instruction on how to make a confession way back when we were seven years old. Since then, we have received little instruction on how to make a good confession. That’s too bad, because our sins at age 7 are very different than our sins at age 25, 35, 45, etc.

In this video, I’ll explain each of the 7 deadly sins using the acronym PALEGAS and show you how to prepare for your best and most thorough confession of you life.

This video has 33,000 views because people find it so helpful. Click below to begin watching it: Watch Dr Marshall’s How to Make a Catholic Confession

Have a great Holy Week before Easter.

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