#1 New Release Catholic Fiction Novel = Taylor Marshall’s Storm of Fire and Blood

Storm of Fire and Blood (Sword and Serpent Book III) has remained an Amazon #1 New Release for almost one week.

This Catholic novel continues the historical fiction tale of St George, St Catherine of Alexandria, Constantine the Great, St Nicholas, St Christopher, and Sabra to Britain, and then back into the heart of the Roman Empire climaxing in the Diocletian Persecution of AD 303.

If you like Saints’ stories, Lord of the Rings and The Princess Bride, then this Trilogy is for you:

The previous 2 books in the Trilogy are Amazon #1 Bestsellers in their categories, and all 3 books are back up in the Top 20 of their categories.

Here’s a video of Taylor explaining the new book:

Brief Synopsis of the Sword and Serpent Trilogy:

Book I: Sword and Serpent tells the story of a young man Jurian (St George) who experiences the mysterious murder of his father and later the murder of his mother. He journeys to Rome to uncover clues and along the way he meets St Blaise, St Christopher, St Nicholas and eventually Pope Marcellinus in Rome. The Pope reveals prophecy going back to Pope St Linus (2nd Pope after St Peter), which guides him to Cyrene in North Africa where he encounters the Dragon Molech. I don’t want to ruin the ending for you. Here’s the book:

Book II: Tenth Region of the Night picks up where Book I ended and introduces Jurian/George to Aikaterina (St Catherine of Alexandria), St Helena, and Constantine as Jurian rises through the Roman military but also seeks to find his kidnapped friend Menas (St Christopher). Book II begins in Egypt and follows a trail of mystery to the gladiatorial games and Christian martyrs.

Book III: Storm of Fire and Blood follows the narrative arc with Jurian/George in exile while being escorted by a young Constantine to Britain where Constantine’s father Constantius and his grandfather King Coel await him. This book sets ups several precedents for Arthurian legend and chivalry in England before heading back into the heart of the Empire for a confrontation with the draconian Emperor Diocletian.

If you’ve read the first 2 books, you need to read Book 3. All the readers say that it is the stand out novel and the best of the 3. If you have not yet begun, please join and and read Book 1: Sword and Serpent.

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