A Practical Tip on Reading the Psalms: Find Just One Word

Everyone should read the Book of Psalms once all the way through. The Psalms are the place where our emotions, pains, sufferings, and sins are conquered by words of faith, assurance, praise, and hope.

For me, the Psalms are the fire extinguisher for the troubles burning in my soul.

Here’s a practical for reading the Psalms:

  1. Read Psalm 1.
  2. Pick one word in the Psalm that jumps out at you.
  3. Write on a piece of paper: Psalm 1 and the word that jumps out, eg. chaff.
  4. Then ask God and your soul, “Why is that the word that speaks to me in my season of life?”
  5. Read Psalm 2 and repeat.

This kind of punctuated reading will help you connect with God’s voice (and your voice toward God) as you read the Psalms. You might begin to see how your soul is screaming or crying for something from God.

This “one word in each Psalm” is a great way to find God and find peace in your daily life.


Taylor Marshall

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