Your 5 Challenges for Holy Week

We have entered the final lap of Lent. As we prepare to party, feast, and celebrate the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, here are some final challenges for Holy Week:


1) Read the entire Gospel of Saint John. John is the Holy Week Gospel par excellence. Read it from beginning to end. It’s only 25 pages long. Read it.

2) Attend two of the three major liturgies this week: Maundy on Thursday evening, Good Friday, or Paschal Vigil on Saturday night.

3) Bring a non-Catholic friend to one of these liturgies. These are powerful liturgies…in the Year of Mercy. Be prepared for conversions.

4) On Good Friday, perform a complete

fast. No food (no meals, no snacks, no juice, no calories) from Thursday night until Saturday morning. Try just having tea or coffee in the morning. You will not die and it will be a profound spiritual experience as you enter into the Passion of Christ on Good Friday. If you have health problems, don’t do this. If you are relatively healthy, go for it. Everybody alive should have experienced the sensation of hunger for an entire day. Don’t tell anyone that you are fasting. Make it private and personal.

5) Dedicate your Friday fast to the #1 prayer intention that you have in your life. Make it big. Pray for a miracle! God loves answering gigantic prayers – because it reveals our humility. We can’t take credit for giant favors.

Have a great Holy Week!

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