Saint Oswald the Leap Year Saint

It was his custom every day in Lent. Saint Oswald would wash the feet of the people of his diocese (York, England). In fact, he died on on February 29 in the year of Christ 992 (leap year) while washing feet.


Leap year reminds us that every four years we must adjust our solar calendar in order to remain true the clock of the universe.

What do you need to do to adjust yourself to God’s plan?

Saint Oswald as a bishop made an adjustment. He washed feet everyday in Lent. And he died doing so. It’s reminder that we need to make adjustments, and that such an adjustment might in fact be our new path to becoming a saint.

What adjustment will you make today? Perhaps, like Saint Oswald, you’ll be doing it some years from now in the moment you die.

Suggested “leap year adjustments”:

  1. Pray a morning offering when your eyes open every morning.
  2. Write a Thank You note daily.
  3. Tip at 20%.
  4. Read the New Testament daily for 5 minutes (set a timer).
  5. Call the elderly in your family.
  6. Go to confession weekly.

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