Is Catholic Advent the Forgotten Liturgical Season?

Last Sunday our priest said: “Advent has become the forgotten and lost liturgical season of the Catholic Church. Nobody knows what it means. Nobody remembers how to celebrate it. It’s really sad.”

I think Father is right. Advent has become the forgotten or lost liturgical season. But it should be a season as important and powerful as Lent.

If we understand the “History and Catholic Theology of Advent,” then this season could become the most fertile time of year for spiritual recollection and the New Evangelization (despite the secular commercialization of Christmas).

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  1. Did you know that Catholics used to celebrate 5 (not just 4) Sundays of Advent?
  2. Did you know that there is an ancient theological and “40 day” connection between Advent and Lent?
  3. Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 12.27.01 PMDid you know that the Advent Wreath may have started with Lutherans?
  4. Did you know that Taylor will be sharing personal Advent recommendations based on how his family and children celebrate Advent?
  5. Taylor will give advice on how to share the Catholic faith over the holidays with non-Catholic family and friends.
  6. Did you know that everyone who attends this webinar will get a free ebook copy of my book God’s Birthday: The Evidence for Christ’s Birth on December 25:

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