You’re Invited to Rome for a Pilgrimage (Pilgrim vs. Tourist)

Have you ever wanted to go to Rome, the Eternal City – not as a tourist but as a pilgrim

If so, you’re invited to our 2016 NSTI Pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, and Siena with solid priests, reverent Masses at sacred sites, confessions, relics, basilicas, martyrs, Padre Pio, Eucharistic miracles, catacombs, and Catholic classes taught by me along the way on “Rome and the Origins of Catholicism.” This is a unique pilgrimage that combines spiritual growth, academic discovery, and lots of food, folks, and fun.

Video: What You’ll See in Rome:

Here’s a video of me explaining (with photos) of what you’ll experience on this special pilgrimage. Spots are are limited due to hotel and coach space. Watch below or click here to watch:

Please reserve your spot by clicking here.

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  • Jo Ann

    Just ordered some of your books yesterday. I am definitely interested in your trip. I have been to Rome/ Italy 8 times. Would want to revisit “The Scavi”: I know that has to be “arranged” before hand so that is important for me personally and would be a deciding incentive for my joining your group. If that isn’t included in the tour, if I could contact someone to join another group while there, just for that part of the stay, that would work also.
    I am a Traditional Catholic ( prefer the Latin Mass) but would not object to the Novus Ordo if it were “Reverent” as many are. Please send me any info that would help, especially if there is any way I could visit the “Scavi” again! Also the cost, etc. as I would prefer paying additional for a private room.
    Congratulations on your recent “Blessing”. I have “6” ( lost 3 pregnancies 0r it would have been “9” )and have 14 grandchildren.
    Looking forward to hearing from you! And enjoy the new one!
    Jo Ann Muetterties
    10770 Henson Way
    Grass Valley, Ca. 95949
    Phone: 530-274-0671

    • Jo Ann

      see above

  • Jo Ann

    See my comment below

  • Imelda Tobin

    Will Holy Mass be offered according to the 1962 Missal during this pilgrimage?

    • To be determined as occasion arises. We will have a priest from the FSSP with us.

  • Katherine

    A beautiful tour. I did a pilgrimage to Rome, Monte Sant Angelo, and Assisi in 2011 for Christmas. Assisi is definitely a beautiful place. Somewhere you want to nip into a real estate agent and buy one of their gorgeous stone cottages. The streets are amazing. I also saw St Clare’s Basilica and the bronze statues of St Francis placed around the grounds at her basilica are incredible. I love the worn stone steps at St Clare’s monastery, where hundreds of nuns did their daily errands for centuries before. And the smell of incense inside is heavenly. I had to wonder if it was actually incense or her presence 🙂 The grotto of St Michael is incredible too. So much peace. I spent hours there. The bones in the glass ‘coffins’ in the little prayer room at the back were intriguing. They don’t have labels and I can’t speak Italian, so I didn’t ask. But a wonderful place. The nuns who tend the altar and look after the grotto are very lucky there.

    • Katherine

      …actually, the statues of St Francis are around the convent of St Clare. The basilica is in the town. The views from her convent grounds are phenomenal. I love the little cottage at the gateway down to the convent too. There are amazing frescoes on the wall in that cottage. I could see them through a hole in the door. It was barricaded up when I was there. It might have been the hermit’s accommodation, I didn’t ask.

  • Katherine

    Guess what I’ve just discovered on ancestry dot com? That I am a direct descendant of Emperor Constantine the Great and Saint Helena, who were converted to Christianity and stopped the persecutions of the Christians, founding the Holy Roman Catholic Church in Rome. Wow. I am going to have to do more study. Saint Helena is my 47th great-grandmother. Book me into your next class, Taylor. 🙂

    • I’ll need to bow down and kiss your royal hand! An empress in our midst.