Will your parish have a Catholic priest in 10 years?

How many priests will be ordained in 2015?

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reported that the dioceses of the United States will collectively ordain 595 Seminarians to the Catholic Priesthood in 2015. On average, that’s 11.9 new priests for each of the 50 states. But is it enough?

Rising Numbers but Still Not Enough Priests

The numbers are up this year (595 in 2015 from 477 from 2014)…but we are far from replacement level for the aging priests who will be retiring in the next decade.

This raises the uncomfortable question: “Will there be enough priests in the decades to come?” And not just “enough priests.” We pray for priests who are on fire for Christ, proclaim orthodox homilies, faithfully administer the sacraments, love the liturgy, and shepherd souls to Heaven.

What can you do for future priests?

We all know that we need to support our priests and seminarians. I recorded a video (below) that shares my thoughts on seminary formation, and then explains how and why I am supporting a particular apostolate for Seminarians – and why I think you should get behind it as well:

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 9.36.26 AM

If you don’t see the seminarian video in your browser, reader, or email, please click here to watch it.

I personal vouch for the orthodoxy and integrity of this apostolate. Please pray and support it by clicking here.

to Jesus through Mary,
Taylor Marshall


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