Replay of Catholic Webinar: St Augustine’s Life and Theology

What a great time we had last night on the Webinar learning about Saint Augustine! Over 1,000 in the live and replay viewings!

We covered Saint Augustine’s:

  1. childhood, adolescence, and priestly ministry
  2. sexual vices
  3. conversion
  4. use of secular Philosophy
  5. refutation of Manicheean and Pelagian heresies
  6. importance for converting non-believers in out time.

Saint Augustine ebook cover croppedThanks to everyone who attended! If you signed up for the Webinar, I just sent y’all an email with the giveaways and special gifts to thank you for attending!

If you missed the Webinar we have a replay of it. If you attend you’ll receive Saint Augustine in 50 Pages. I made it available toward the end at around the 39 minute mark.

You can watch it right away or at one of our scheduled replay times by clicking here:

Watch Last Night’s Replay

  • Step 1: Register Now
  • Step 2: Pick auto-replay as “watch yesterday’s replay” OR a select a future scheduled replay before entering your name in the Registration form
  • Step 3: Enjoy!

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Saint Augustine pray for us!

Taylor Marshall

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